Friday, November 21, 2014

Snow, Snow, Snow


     For those of you who have seen (watch it if you have not, one of my all time favorites) White Christmas, I am quoting the song from the train: "Snow snow snow." We have been seeing a lot of it out here and it have been a fun little play ground. Elder Liptrott and I have been having quite the adventure with the weather. We have been staying warm and the more we move the warmer we are. We had quite the adventure when our apartment complex lost all gas. So we got to sleep in plenty of blankets and take a nice brisk shower to get us moving. Luckily an Angel came and got the gas working for us. It was answer to our prayers. Loved this week a ton because so often we found answers to our prayers.

     To start the week out on a high note we got to travel to springs to hear from Elder Baxter from the seventy for our Mission tour. It was a scary drive because a storm had just come in but we were like turtles going nice and slow and made it safely there and back. Spoiler I am alive still. It was so cool to hear him teach so boldly and with such a good understanding of things. It is nice to know that these are the type of people the Lord has chosen to lead us. They rock. He got me very excited for the future and his wife talked about the Temple and Eternal Families. It was very interesting and someone next to me whispered "I want to be married so badly" I wonder when I will get a wedding invite in the mail from them, she does not go home for a handful of months but I am sure I will before I am home hear about it.

     We had a great lesson with one of our investigators and set a Baptismal date for her. I am very excited to see her progress and a little biased. The date is set for the 22 of December because she found out it was the date I was baptized and wanted to match it. So that was pretty neat. She is praying and reading each visit so that is good. Biggest struggle is getting her to church. Please pray for her if you can. We also saw great progress with someone who had been moving at his pace, but Josh Spencer is making progress and it will continue to take time but looking good.

     I got to be with different missionaries, I spent the day with Elder Miles. It was a lot of fun. Elder Miles is a great missionary and I learned a ton from him. We got to bike all around Canon and it was quite the adventure. We got to go all around and play in snow. On Saturday I was able to go to the temple. It was fantastic. I have not been since the MTC and it was so great to be there. We went with Wesley Jaynes who took out his endowment. It was so peaceful and felt like home the whole time. I want to go back so badly, one day I will. I cannot wait.

     This week was great. I am so lucky to be where I am and doing what I am doing. Hope everyone finds the joy that every day has for them, at the end of the day always remember that you are love. Oh so much you are loved. I can not express it over words, but you are loved by your Heavenly Father and by His Son Jesus Christ. Pray to Heavenly Father in Christ name, wait and listen. Feel His love with you, I promise it is.

With love,
Elder Wyatt

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trees Look Like Sticks

Hey Everyone!

     This week was a good week, they always are. We have been blessed so much to be able to dance and run around in the falling leaves. We have been working hard and are seeing results from our hard work. It has been a ball to work with Elder Liptrott. Hard to think that soon we might be transferred and off to new companions. Time is flying by.

     We had some great teaching moments and hopefully we will see some decisions made soon. One of our investigators said something really neat. Her name is Lane and she said "It is so funny because my whole life people have told me I am wrong but you two have only ever taught me what I personally believe" When we heard that it became a lot of fun to teach the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. It went well and it is looking good.

     We had exchanges on Saturday and I was able to spend a day out in second wards area. I technically served there for my first transfer out here in canon so it was fun to be there. I saw some nice people and I got us thrown out of a woman's home, it happens, she wasn't progressing, go Missionary Purpose!

     Church was so nice, the speakers were fantastic and then the sister missionaries sang a musical number in Samoan, that was a real treat and brought in the spirit so well. The sisters have beautiful voices and not only them but Elder Liptrott was asked to sing too. He sang a Child's prayer and other then it being one of my favorite songs, it was great to see everyone go nice and quite to hear his rendition (Fun fact, he helped me spell that word too! All around a great guy)

     Hope that everyone has a great week. I love you all so much and am here for any services I can offer. Know that God knows you personal, He loves you more then you know, He is ready to help you and answer any question you have, just seek Him out, and you will find Him

With Love,
Elder Wyatt

Someone caught this sweet photo of us studying at Subway :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sister Hoer Went to the Temple

Hey Everyone!

     One of the coolest moments this past week was talking with a man named Alan Gabriel. He lives a few blocks from us and as we were biking past his house we felt prompted to stop and talk with him. Turns out he has wanted to get back into the church for a while but has been waiting for the right sign. Well, we had no idea he knew anything about the church but he is one of the most humble men I have met. He is legally blind and we have been helping him put in a fence post in his yard. I really have developed quite the talent for yard work. Not planning on doing it for a living, but hey when I get my own home, its going to look real good. Back to Alan, he came to church this Sunday and it was the first time in 23 years. He was so happy he finally did it. It will take some time till he can be baptized but he got the ball rolling and that is so good to see.

     One thing that might not have been so good to see was Elder Liptrott and my outfits to soccer on Wednesday. It was awesome because we got a ton of non-members to come, and one even gave us a ride home as we talked about the church. But we are seeing some really good things come from our Young Men's & Elders Quorum Soccer on Wednesdays and mission prep on Thursdays. It has been really cool because one of the sisters' most progressing investigators has been going to the events and is really enjoying the messages we share. Elder Liptrott and myself had some fun and dressed up to get the people going. Do not really know what it means but it worked! People really enjoyed themselves and more and more often are we finding that the members and their friends are more comfortable with us.

     Jane, one of our investigators, is doing fantastic and building some good trust in us too. Our lesson with this week was going to be cancelled due to her feeling a little bit under the weather. We offered a blessing and what was going to be an early night in turned into a great opportunity to teach more about the priesthood and allow her to feel God's love for her. She has been really accepting a lot of what we have shared and it is great to see her enthusiasm. Always so great to feel the spirit.

     We always feel the spirit when we get to travel to Springs, it's always for a fun purpose. We had interviews and a zone conference this week. So I got to spend some time with some good friends in springs. Things are taking an exciting shift in the mission. Always great to be serving the Lord! We had some fun and I always seem to do something exciting. We did some exciting things for Halloween. We Carved Pumpkins & went to the Trunk or treat. My pumpkin was very sophisticated if you ask me. But check out the photo and tell me what you think. Elder Liptrott and I dressed up as Clark Kent and Berry Allen for our outfits. We looked really great if you ask me but hey, I am biased and Elder Liptrott is beautiful. We got to get lots of candy too and that is not helping me stay skinny. I slowly have been getting bigger my whole mission.  

     Sister Hoer went to the temple. And why is that important, well she came out with me and when she went to the House of the Lord, it was to celebrate her half way mark! So all the  young lady's who I knew in the MTC are now counting down their days. Man time fly's so fast but loving everyday. This Sunday I got to bear my testimony because there was a solid chunk of time when no one got up and I tried to do the most pure testimony I could. I will share it now again, this is not word for word. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know it is true because I asked Gog and He told me it was. I know that the Book of Mormon has blessed my life, and I know it will bless yours if your read it and follow the teachings of Christ.

I love you all very much,
Elder Daniel Joseph Wyatt


1) Me in a box :)
2) Our outfits for soccer
3) Our costumes!
4) The District at a Bonfire
5, 6 & 7) Us with our Jack o'lanterns

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is Halloween


     That is hello in Spanish, I hope everyone enjoyed that. If you are looking for fun, a great game that we played with members last week was call Uchtdorf or Dumbledore and it is online. I lost, but had a blast losing. Some of the quotes you would not believe how close they are. It was a really fun night. I would encourage everyone to have a fun Family Home Evening at least once a week. I am planning on having some outrageous exciting ones with my family one day. Always fun to keep things exciting. My score was up and down throughout the night but hey, a few dips just builds character.

     This past week was kinda of a dip at one point because dear Amy and Mike both lost their baptismal dates and does not look like it will come back any time soon. Just the way that it goes sometimes. We will continue to meet with them and do what we can to help them progress and remain friends and support. Others we have been working with are doing really well and hopefully they can continue down the path we are helping them find. Sometimes it's a big mess but with the Rod of Iron can be quite helpful.

     One huge mess this past week was a Missionary Pig Party at a members house. To my surprise we didn't have our forks, and that would have been very helpful but we all had lots of good laughs. The sisters wont soon forget that night. I was nice and stubborn and I made a burrito. It did, however, become a little bit awkward and we got saved by a phone call to go to mission prep.

     Elder Liptrott and I taught Mission Prep as well as Sunday School at church. We are quite the duo and are really good at getting everyone to laugh, even if they just laugh at us. We got to teach about prayer and Heavenly Father. Both are so amazing and go hand in hand. I am so thankful that we have such a loving Father In Heaven.

     This past week was so much fun, they always are and I hope that everyone has a good week over these coming days. I love you all so much and know that everything happens for a reason.

With Love For each of You,
Elder Wyatt


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Turning of the Leaves

Hey brothers and sisters!

     Well, things are booming for us in Canon and it is so great to see. Elder Liptrott and I are working hard and results are following. We have been out knocking on doors and sitting down with a lot of our new investigators. The spirit has been with us and it makes our lessons so powerful. One of the best feelings in the world is when you feel the spirit testifying through you and then you see in the eyes of the person you are teaching feel that same spirit. Its powerful.

      We had many powerful lessons once more this week and we are finding that as we place our trust in the Lord, He guides us and fills our mouths as to what to say. Dakota, Cindy, and Lane are 3 of our investigators who are progressing well. We meet with each one of them and you could see when they knew that hat we shared was true. The challenge came when they had to decided for themselves if they would act on our invitations. Dakota has come to the conclusion that it is all true by the facts of it, he is convinced. But that won't do any good until he is converted. Two very different things. When one becomes converted, then you find the invitations being met with gladness. Lane and Cindy have both sat down with us and felt the blessings that can come from our message, both are hesitant because they are scared to place their trust and hope in God because of past experiences. I can promise everyone that life is not easy, and that we do not have to do anything alone. But it requires us seeking out His hand for strength. It can be scary, but its foolproof. 

     Two of our most progressing investigators are Amy and Mike. They both have set baptismal dates are working towards them well. This can often be the toughest time because of outside forces that can almost seemed bent on keeping someone from baptism. I will ask those of you who read this to please pray for them. Prayers are so wonderful and like the spirit are powerful. They have results. I know that to be true because I see it everyday.

     My by far personal favorite lesson of the week was Jane Traxler. She is a kind woman who has been meeting with us to get answers to the questions she has had her whole life. One of the best parts of the Restored Gospel is the simple pure truths that come with it and how the questions of our souls can be answered. As we taught about the Spirit World and the chances that come to those who did not get a chance in this life, she broke down in tears of joy. She hated those who said that infants who die before baptism are doom to hell. We know that is not true and that everyone has a chance, not born into a world to be punished for nothing they did. It was a strong lesson and she felt the spirit very strongly. Very excited to see her again this week.

     Prayer. If there is one thing I want everyone to do this week. Those who are LDS and those who are not. As well as those who are not religious in any means. Talk to Heavenly Father. Pray to God, if it is a simple question like "Are you there?" or something bigger like a request for help. He hears everything. He will answer you. You can know that for yourself. For those who have access to a Preach My Gospel (it is online for anyone who wants to do this too at Go and read "Pray with Faith" on pg. 93. Take the time to kneel and talk for a while. Pray vocally when you are alone. Listen and focus on your feelings. Answers come in many ways: Yes, No, or no answer just yet because something better is in store. Other people can be answers to your prayers, let yourself find comfort in prayers. I take a nice chunk of time each night to talk with Father and it is the best feeling in the world to know that He understands me. He understands you, He loves you.

Elder Wyatt

We saw some funny Halloween signs and decorations
I made Sister  Hoers planner and she made mine :)
Having fun with the leaves

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time Clicks By

Hey Everyone!

     This week was one of the most powerful weeks I have had my entire mission. Elder Liptrott and I have been working hard and we are seeing some great results of it all. It is a rich blessing to be where I am and doing what I am doing.

     Our week was joined by some fun weather! We had one day with quite the downpour. It was exciting really. We stayed off of our bikes because it was not the safest weather to bike in, but we walked with our umbrellas and wore some warmer clothes. Elder Liptrott made fun of my pink tie so I had him wear my other one. We were almost matching, pretty funny. But we had a lesson with Lane, whom we have been seeing for a little bit and it was amazing. The sisters joined us and we even have Heavenly Fathers Help because he would make the rain nice and quite it when it was a spiritual moment. He is so great like that! :) We bore some great testimony and came back two days later because she wanted to meet again soon! We were joined by the sisters both times and we would just sit outside and chat. Yes, the first time we stood in the pouring rain as we read Mormon 9 (A great chapter I highly recommend). She asked us about polygamy, of course, but then asked when she could come to church! Just the start of our great lessons.

     Another Fantastic Lesson we had was with Amy. It too was in the rain and it was also joined by the spirit of the Lord! She sang to us at one point and Elder Liptrott joined in at the part about Romeo and Juliet. It was great! She joined us for church and as she was sitting with us listening, she informed us that she read and prayed and knew everything was true! That was wonderful news to hear and got us very excited to meet with her again this week!

     Overall the past week was really nice. We danced in the rain, because that's how I live my life, and we went tracting and found plenty of people who did not like us. For the first time I had to show my ministerial card. It says that people should head my message and that was nice for him to read! We got to be nice and silly with one another. When we played sports after mission prep, we played chair soccer, it was insane cause we had a small army playing and two balls at one point.

     A neat thing that did occur on a personal level was Sis. Ikahihifo came and had exchanges with the sisters and I got to teach with her at both of the previously mentioned lessons. She was there back when I was being trained and still had half her mission to go. But just like the song goes, the time came and she leaves this Thursday after a great 18 months. She was my mission mom and it was hard to see her go but I am the missionary I am today thanks to the example she lead for me. So if you ever see a loud Polynesian walking around BYU with a hard last name to say, that's my mama and she is someone to say thanks too!

     Well, another week down and a brand new transfer starts today! This past one was only 5 weeks, so the next will be 7 weeks long. So maybe it will seem longer next time but all is going so well and I love everyday. I know that it is all because of Christ and the fact that I try to follow his footsteps everyday. I am not perfect, but I try my best and that is all that I can do. Stay classy and do not sin please, thank you!

For now,
Elder Wyatt

Photos from Elder Wyatt:

1) Elders Wyatt and Liptrott enjoying the rain
2) Fun in the rain :)
3 & 4) With Elder Wyatt's mission Mom
5 & 6) Last district meeting of the transfer

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Someone Already Has

Hey All!

     It has been a great week. Always is, but I must include it. Well folks, it is with love that I say that I am getting to a point where I might stop writing so much. Let me know what y'all think. This week will be a little lighter and you can decide what I do in the future. Know that I still love each of you and my hair is still fantastic, but that's right back to the nonsense I include.

     Something that is not nonsense are the Adventures of Possum and Bat! We had a great week and we had some powerful lessons. Two of our new investigators, Jane and Lane, are progressing pretty well. We sat down with both this week and the lessons went great. The spirit was so strong. We have return appointments and I am very excited to go back. If y'all feel it, pray for them please. Pray that they will recognize the promptings of the spirit please. That would mean a lot to me.

     Two great things we got to watch this past week were Meet the Mormons and General Conference. Both were so fantastic. The movie is pure and uplifting. Made by the church, but not a "church" film by any means, and it is so neat. Please watch it if you have not. You will like it. On that same note, General Conference was amazing. Each talk was so great. I would recommend two: President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk in the Saturday morning session and, my personal favorite, Elder Jorg Klebingat's. I will put links to both below as well as a song from Meet the Mormons I really like.

     Church is true, I know it, you can to. Even if you do know it, pray and ask for a confirmation. Remember, if something ever happens to you, a wrong doing or a malice, and you feel the need to think "that someone needs to pay for it," please, please remember, Someone already has.

Until next week!
- Elder Wyatt

President Uchtdorf:

Elder Klebingat:

Meet the Mormons Song:


1) I made cookies!
2) Mission Posterity
3) Smelling the Roses
4) Watching Conference! (with big tie knot)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hey Yall!

     Well, last week on our P-day our mission president and his wife joined us for the afternoon and for dinner. It was a lot of fun. We went as a group, with the sister missionaries up to Royal Gorge bridge and had some fun walking it. It moves a lot when one is on it and that was a little nerve racking to me. It was really neat however to be able to just talk with our president and get to know him better. They joined us for dinner as well and it was really nice but I felt bad for the woman who hosted us. The family are long time friends to our mission president, this is the fact that prompted the whole get together. However, at the meal the house was cleaned and spotless and the table was set like a 5 start restaurant. We came to find out that our Mission Presidents Wife could not eat garlic or onions, which by chance where all parts of the whole meal. It was a little bit of a shock to the host family but they handled it well. It was an opportunity for us all to laugh and come a little bit closer.

     After getting closer with out president we got to see him the very next day! We had a big meeting up in springs and we spent most of our Tuesday hearing from our mission leaders and that following Friday we were back in springs for another meeting. Both were a blast and I learned so much. I have now filled up my notebook and am going to buy a new one today. I need it because there are always some great things to learn in life, and I learn them a little bit better when I write them down! We got to come closer as a zone and it was a lot of fun to meet the new missionaries who have come in. Some of whom are friends I have known from far away and it is cool to be able to see them too! They teach us and maybe we teach them a little in our fun questions and answers.

     I know that there is a fair amount of teaching coming from us however. The adventures of Possum and Bat continue!  This past week was a great week for Elder Liptrott and myself. We have been working hard to refresh our area and get things moving and last week was a great week to see the fruits of our labors. We got some pretty great people we are working with, their names are Lane, Dakota, and Amy. These are the three who are progressing the most. Only time will tell if we get to see continued growth for them but something really cool happened when we were teaching Dakota. As we sat on the front porch talking about the fact that we are lead today by living apostles and prophets of the Lord. I felt prompted to invite him to get on his knees with us and pray to ask God if our message was true, and to my surprise, I promised him a powerful immediate witness from the Holy Ghost. I knew that if he would ask, he would receive, but sadly, he did not want to do it. Broke my heart but it was mainly because of his fear to pray in front of other people. We got a time to go back and we look forward to seeing him next week, going to be an adventure with him.

     We had quite the adventure this past Thursday when one of the sisters had quite a nasty fall on her bike going down a big hill here in town. We got the call and rushed over to help. They had called 911 but when we got there we had the opportunity to give her a blessing. It was the first time that I have ever given one in a circumstance like that, but I was so thankful and humbled that we had the power to help. We took her to the ER and she got out later that night. Lots of big scratches and a funky thumb they turned back into place. For the accident that it was, the Doctor was impressed that there was no neck or head trauma. We have been spoiling her with treats and she is doing much better.

     Life is great, and can be for everyone. Sister Elama had a little miss hap but is smiling and continuing to serve the Lord. I think that it is too easy in life to just give up and dwell on one little miss hap that throws a wrench in our lives. If we remind ourselves daily, as I do, that we have a living God, and he leads us with a living Prophet, nothing in the world can bring us down. The scriptures are true. The future will unfold as has been taught by past and modern prophets. If you are worried about something, read your scriptures and you will find comfort. This weekend in General Conference, and as was advised to me, I want to encourage everyone to look in their personal lives for something that has been on their mind and listen to each and every talk. I promise that one is meant for you, yes you personally. The Lord knows you and will speak to you. Let me know how it goes, I will be doing the same thing.

4 Nephi 1:15-17  What the world can be!

With as much love as an email can carry,
Elder Wyatt


Elder Liptrott and I have some fun :) (and we are silly too)
The fishing photo is one of my favorites
The whole group with President and his wife!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nearer My God to Thee

     Hey everyone, It's me again. Aren't I so good at being here? I think so, its enough to just be happy about one thing and that makes everything better! I guess I ought to jump into the adventure I have been filling my life with. I know that there must be some suspense lurking in you as to what random animal I held this week or to how the hair is; but hopefully what ever is to come of this email will put the smile I strive so hard to put on your face!

     Today I have a big smile, must have got a good nights rest, or it was the pilates I did to the sunrise with some British commentary, but I like to believe it was the cup of hot cocoa and the scriptures that have brightened my day. Even though it looks like we might get a little storm this afternoon, all I see is sunshine! Everyday we as missionaries have the opportunity to read scriptures and other uplifting things and this morning I read in 3 Nephi 14-17. It was so great. Someone has gone into my scriptures and changed it because there is so much amazing stuff in there that I am eager to apply in my daily doings. Main step: stop judging. Too often I put something sour in my mind without really learning, so I am going to set that as my current goal. I also know that if I judge not, I shall not be judged harshly and that is something that I need, because those whom know me well can attest that I have lots to improve on. Its what I try to do always.

     Always trying at least. One day however, I will become perfect, thanks to Christ, and oh man my hair will look so stinking good! Its the little things, ya know. Last P-day we went on a district hike and it was a nice little refreshment. Today we will be going to royal gorge bridge and our mission president will be joining us. I invited him out of fun, because I love to get everyone involved and he took us up on the offer so it will be sweet! He will also be joining us for dinner and maybe even teaching tonight so that will be exciting! It will be a blessing to be able to spend the day with him and learn from him too.

    From Adventures and Blessings, I must indulge each of you with our "Tracting Adventures." So, Possum and Bat embark out into the blistering heat, slacks tucked into our socks, wearing the just-in style huge bike helmets, that leave us with the most styling hair. We hit the road biking just as fast as our little toes can carry us and build up a nice coat of sweat when we get the the first door. So when the six door opens to us, we get to meet our first devil worshipers for the day. (Now, I will have you know, that the devil worshipers church must have the best missionaries in town because all sorts of people are vocal about that fact) We were tracting during all hours of this week and found some great success. Lots of people we shall be going back to and visiting. Hopefully we shall get some great results from our efforts. For future reference, because it is my duty to teach, if the Broncos are playing the Seahawks, it is not a good time to tract.

     But it is always a good time to learn. I know I learn more each and every day I leave our apartment. One fun opportunity this week was when Elder Liptrott got to learn how to patch a bike tire. It was very exciting when we got to pull over about a half dozen times to fill up his tire after service. Now being in our dashing white shirts and ties, and sporting the for-mentioned sweat, we are quite noticeable, and a very friendly man decided to pull over next to us each time we had a flat tire to pump it, and tell us that our tire was flat. Breaking News to us as we pumped, but as luck would have it, the man pasted us each time to the point of weird lucky. We in turn tried to teach him, taking it as a sign, and he was LDS. So that was a funny little fiasco.

     Now of course I can see that I have rambled on just long enough to get to the point when I share the fun (and funny) stuff. However, smiles and laughs are still appropriate for that which has already been shared. Elder Liptrott and myself have had all sorts of fun. Possum and Bat got to suit up in matching attire to go play some chair soccer. We looked great, but sadly did not get a photo. We did get to capture us holding some big toys But it was entering into a sub eating contest on Saturday that brought lots of smiles. Now, these subs went from our hips to under our chins. We also got some great shirts to use as bibs but the smallest size they had was a 2xL so now i have a new blanket for the apartment! Elder Liptrott put up a fine battle as he ate most of the sub as I enjoyed mine with one small bit at a time. Afterwards, I found out it was the most American thing he has ever done. We had to wait about 40 min for a meeting so he and I found some wheel chairs and work on our balancing skills, which evolved into a 5 part race of backwards and spills and balancing, all while singing out favorite hymns the whole time. "If You Could Hie to Kolob" never sounded better, but his "Praise to the Man" easily trumped mine.

     His singing was noticed by the ward and at the start of sacrament meeting we were invited to join the ward choir. It was a great start to Sunday as Elder Liptrott sang beautifully and I stood by him reading words. But I read those words real well. We had a fun second hour in which we played with a baby the whole time. We decked him up with a name tag and a book of Mormon. He was our little companion that day. So over all it was a fantastic week. Filled with laughs and smiles. Now does that mean we did not have any rain storms? Not at all. We had plenty, but we had our spiritual umbrellas packed with us. And when we read our scriptures each morning we get our umbrellas strong for any rain storm. I know that each of us can find comfort and straight in the scriptures. Read them, ponder them, apply them. Our loving Parents and Brother have prepared them for us, for these days. They are the best tips and I promise that they will clear any storm and replace it with some warmth.

With Sincere Love,
Elder Daniel Wyatt


1) Elder Liptrott and I on a hike.
2) Striking a pose.
3) The gang and a stick that wanted to join.
4) Bike fun :)
5) Our big toys.
6) Working hard?
7) Not too big, right?