Monday, February 24, 2014


What a week. Last time I got to write I was still in the MTC but that seems like years ago. My past few days I had to spend a lot of time in the front office because they were interviewing my companion, i believe they sent him home. I left for CO before they decided. It is too bad but he did it to himself. I was quite an adventure getting out to Colorado Springs. We woke up at 3am on monday to make it to airport. I slept on bus ride there which was nice, but woke to several faces staring at me. They though it was funny. I was very creeped out haha. When we got to Denver, our flight to Colorado Springs was CANCELED! So I spent the next 5 hours at the airport. It was a lot of fun, at one point i was carrying all the sisters bags, because i was raised as a gentleman :) and i looked rather funny. Someone took a photo of me, so i took it as an invitation. I went over and talked to him and had a nice time laugh at myself. He was a nice man and I gave him a pass along card and started to explain the church. I was excited because i was doing it! my first time meeting someone new! but when i started to talk to him about that, i found out he was LDS haha. It was a nice surprise. He commended me on my outgoing and easiness. It was a fun experience to learn from. When we finally made it to Colorado Springs, we had two days of training. It was just a lot of paper work and rules about being in the field.

On Wednesday I got my companion and embarked to my area. My Companion is Elder Benjamin Smith. A sweet guy from South Carolina. He has a strong accent and it scared me at first. It is cool meeting people with accents. My area is Sanford, CO and small town in the valley of south west colroado. There is a population of only 750 people! And 650 are practicing LDS. There are two sets of missions in the town so that leaves me about 50 people to work with. There hasnt been a baptism in my area for over two years. I plan on breaking that streak :) The town is mainly dirt roads with the one paved rode that leads into town. There are only 3 Buildings in the town, the Church, the post office, and the school. There is mud EVERYWHERE!!! I wear my boots all the time and my pants are covered in mud. I don't have a car so we bike or walk everywhere. I dont mind that at all but there are a lot of mean dogs in the town. My companion has been bitten twice so far here. I always carry a big stick or rocks so i can cash the dogs off. If you dont keep them back they attack. Just makes life more interesting i guess. I do love the town thought.You can hear nature out here and the stars at night are so stunning. I have gotten the sniffles since I have been in town but they will go away I am sure. It can get cold but everyone says i missed the snow, I am thankful for that. The clouds in the sky are so beautiful. they make the most marvelous art. The past two days the wind has picked up and I am not looking forward to that, makes it seem much colder. Everyone in this town has a canadian accent. It is really interesting to hear, i dont know why but they all do! Its fun at dinner to get to know the members more. I am slowly gaining weight. I will have to work out more in the mornings.

 I am learning a lot and know I will continue to learn the more I am out here. Its so nice being able to read the scriptures each day. I have found so much peace and comfort can come from reading them. I love being able to just open my heart and grow.

My Adress for the next three months whilst I am in Sanford is:

Daniel Wyatt
P.O. Box 41
Sanford. CO 81151

Know I am only an email or a letter away.

Daniel Wyatt

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