Monday, February 24, 2014

Round 2

I am almost out of the MTC. I have been in here for almost 12 days and I fly to Colorado on monday! I cant believe it is finally here, I am nervous to head out into the field but I am sure it will be amazing just like the MTC is. I found out I am not able to talk to the sisters who are serving in my mission and thats a huge bummer because a lot of them have become good friends. It will be ok though because I will make so many firneds out in the field. I have grown so much in the MTC. I am so thankful I am a convert because that has been so helpful to work with the feelings that the people we teach go throught because i have felt them too. I have been getting better sleep the p[ast few nights because I moved beds. I am no longer over the kid who snoores so loud each night. I am also next to window so it is colder and i sleep better in the cold. I am rocking my classes and learning so much about myself and about our Savor. It has been such an amazing week and I lookforward to the many more amazing weeks I will have! Write me if you can, give me address so i can write you letters!

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