Monday, March 31, 2014

Warm Sky

Dear All,

Hello again, its Elder Wyatt here with another excited update on life, library, and the pursuit of happiness, or its an update about me :)

It was a slow week because Elder Smith got pretty sick. I felt bad for him but he finally got to try my cooking because I took care of him. He has been feeling better these past few days so its been nice to be able to go out and get some more work done. We walked a little more because he wasn't feeling up for biking. But i prefer walking with all the wind that blows us in wrong direction.

Some good lessons this week. One of them was with a less-active who spent about 15 minutes trying to justify sinner and was explain how we should all break the word of wisdom. Elder Smith and I shut him up real fast and it turned into a very powerful moment. We had a young man come with us to get some experience and after he told us how strong the spirit was and that he needs to work on not doing the little sins. He said it really helped him with some of his concerns. It was nice to hear how our lesson helped both the Less-Active member and the member. Its amazing how little things can come from not planning it. Life is so funny like that.

One of our lessons was with a pare of recent converts who haven't been going to church in a long time. The whole thing went well but we asked them to give opening and closing prayers and that's when we learned that they don't know how to pray. But that's ok because we are meeting with them again this week and now we have a plan to teach about prayers! They are a good family but the husband isn't as interesting as the wife and because of that she cant do much. I feel bad for her but we can help and that's our plan.

We went to teach a part member family this week to see if we could get the husband more interesting. but after a few minutes of us being there he just went into the back room. So it wasn't very productive but it was good that we got into the house. We are going back to help chop some wood and we are hoping he will be there to chat with. His daughter is 14 and also not a member so that would be good if we could work with them both.

We finally caught one of the few non-members of the town on Sunday and got to spend a good hour talking with him. He is crazy. Absolutely crazy. But we are glad to get to work with him. He is very religious and believe most of LDS Doctrine but he doesn't want to join a church. Hopefully as we continue to work with him. he will become more excited to fallow the example of Jesus Christ. His mother is a member and she was pushing him to act on our message. It was funny seeing her tell her son things. She is about 83 and the non member is about 61. Elder Smith and I just sat there and smiled :)

We got to do a lot of service this week. I am a lot better at chopping wood. I can usually get it first try which is great for me haha. I also learned that racking leaves is good, but not fun when it is really windy. I wish i could say i figured that out fast but it took am about 20 minutes to realize that the piles i made would just blow back apart. I also got to spread a lot of animal product to help a lawn grown. and nothing sounds like more fun that that. We did get banana bread out of it and i loved that!

Well, keep on smiling and keep on enjoying life, everything works out in the end. I am only ever an Email or letter away!

Don't forget to Pray!

Elder Wyatt

1 Transfer Down

Well, it has been moving fast! This week marks the start of a new transfer. A transfer is every 6 weeks and usually means a change in companion and area. I am being trained still so I will still be with Elder Smith. After these next 6 weeks however, its all up in the air and i could be going anywhere, or no where. What ever happens it will be perfect for me. I will make this transfer my best one yet! i might just say that for everyone but its the truth, no reason to ever settle!

Last week was a fun week, it was filled with lots of meetings and each morning I had somewhere to be. After Emails last week we played a game called scatter-ball, its like doge-ball but with only one ball and no teams. lots of fun. i have burnt all corners of my knees however from the rug. that's ok, it will heal and i enjoyed rolling on the ground like a worm. i tried to be silly and make the game interesting. i learned if i stood still and pretended to be a tree, no one would see me. I am soooo sneaky :)

On Tuesday we spend some time updating our Mormon.Org profiles. Its something we are starting to do more and this April we might be getting i-pads which would be very exciting. If i do get one i am going to look up all the old conferences and just read some great talks. We also might be becoming facebook missionaries this April but neither of those things are set in stone.

We had a great lesson with the Reed Family this week. Its a part member family and was great because on of the Less Active daughters brought a non-member friend. The non-member was asking all shorts of great questions and the spirit was so strong in the room. When we talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost, she started to cry, after she asked when we could meet again and that's wonderful. We are going to keep working with her and the Reed family.

On Wednesday we did exchanges again. This time I went up to La Jara, a small town a few miles north of Sanford. It was my first time not sleeping in Sanford since i got into the mission field. That was a neat experience. I do prefer our apt a lot better however.One of the coolest parts of being in La Jara was the increase of people to talk to. We went tracking and just from an hour of work we got two new investigators that are being meet with this next week. So fun to do the Lords work and I know He is by my side at each door.

I helped teach the Plan of Salvation to one of there investigators, it was a great lesions and the woman was so sweet. shes about 70 years old and had to be on oxygen. But would have the biggest and warmest laughs. During the lesson i asked her if she would be baptized and she said yes! Such an amazing experience. Its not my ward though so i had to say goodbye that evening, the missionaries who will be with her however are just as good if not better then me.

We had a big specialized training on thursday and for that we meet up with another zone and had meetings all morning with president and others. It was a lot of fun however. Our president leaves this July, i hope the next one is just as good as President Anderson, I am sure he will be! We recorded videos at training and I would send my home but its wayyy to long to send. one day i will get it online.

It was a great week but one of my highlights was tie trading. for the Elders in my district, we traded some ties to remember one an other. it was really cool and now i have more ties so i wont be wearing the same old ones, its nice to put a little shift into things. One of the ties i got is my "posterity" tie, it has been passed down from 5 trainers to me, its a really neat tie and i hope i can pass it along to someone. but thats only if i train, who knows what will happen over the year.

We went to a bull sale this week, that was real different. Its like an auction but for bulls and i could not believe how fast the man who talk. i couldn't understand half the things he said. it was great activity to go to because there were a lot of non-members we go to introduce ourselves to. not a lot lived in sanford but still nice to talk about the church with people. We also got free food and thats when you know it was a great idea to go somewhere!

Overall a really great week, and a step forward on my mission. Tomorrow marks my two months out in mission and that's going by really fast. I need to keep working hard so i don't waste any time! I hope everyone has an amazing week and knows that everything works out.

Luke 18:27

Elder Wyatt

Attached are some great photots Elder Wyatt has sent!
Daniel is working so hard with the people of Colorado! As you can see, missionaries don't always teach in the most comfortable circumstances.
He loves the work and is doing great!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doubt Your Doubts Before You Doubt Your Faith

What an amazing week. I am sure that there will be things i forget to mention but I will do my best to remember them all. I have keep a very detail journal and that will be fun to read when i get home but for now, let us dive into the week!

After Emails last week, we played chair soccer as a district. It was so much fun. I had never played it before but its really a neat game. You play soccer in a gym and everyone has a chair. You have three lives and when your chair gets hit by soccer ball, you lose one. so you run around trying to get others out but protecting your own. Its also cool because if you get out you can sit in your chair and if you get the chance to grab ball, you can attempt to through it at someones chair and steal a life. I would give away my lifes freely though, more fun to have everyone playing. I ripped one of my socks so i will now attempt to sow it this week. It will be interesting haha. Always fun to relax and play a game but the most fun comes from doing the Lords work.

On Tuesday we jumped right back into teaching and serving. It was a slow start to the week with a lot of people not answering doors. On Thursday we did splits and i spent the day with Elder Miamoto. He is a really sweet Elder from Hawaii. He must be a good luck charm because when he and I went out, every door answered. It was neat because i was senior companion for day because its my area. I got to plan and take lead on different things. I think i did alright but i know that i have a ton to learn, thats why i am here. I get to learn everyday! :)

One of the less actives we meet with was named Kyle, he was hurt some years back and has been holding a grudge towards the church. We taught him how no one is perfect and that everyone is trying there best but sometimes people make mistakes. We shared, "Come join with us" and one of the best lines is about what we doubt. After our meeting he came to church for the first time in two years! Something had to have worked! We are meeting with him again this week. He has a lot of potential to be a strong leader but he just needs the drive.

I thought the Plan of Salvation this week to a family that has been struggle with the lose of their mother. The lesson could not have gone better. The Spirit was so strong in the room and I dont think anyone could have denied it. It really is something amazing that we have this plan. Its a wonderful opportunity to grow, learn, and be with our love ones forever. I think that its my favorite lesson to teach. Its both a comfort and a promise that things will all work out.

Lots of meetings on Friday, we had a testimony meeting and its so powerful to hear a large group of missionaries bare there testimony. I think that it is so amazing that the work has been trusted to us as youth to go fourth and teach. It really shows how He works through us and makes our weakness strong. I know I couldn't do it without Him and am so thankful I can always turn to Him.

Friday was a very interesting day. We biked over 15 miles! (that's a lot for me, still adjusting to altitude )Elder Smith and I only have bikes and part of the town is farm land and there are some houses we don't always get the chance to visit. So we embarked this beautiful Saturday morning to see what we could do. I had two very interesting experience.

The first was very scary. The man was not a nice man and he had some very colorful words to share with us. We smile and asked how we could work towards a brighter tomorrow and he proceeded to make us leave his property and yell at us to "Never Come back!" I think we will stop by again in two weeks to offer our hand again. He is the type of person we can really help. Although its scary, no one ever said it was going to be easy. It was never easy for Christ, so why should i expect it to be easy for me.

The second was a nice man but he only spoke Spanish. I though back to the years of classes i took, wishing i payed more attention, but did what i could to talk to him. There are a lot of words i don't know but i knew Christ and Church. We spoke for a few minutes and got to invite him to church. We are sending the Spanish missionaries his way. They will be a lot better then I.

It snowed a lot on Friday night! We came out of an appointment and it was white! I instantly ran around dancing and trying to catch snow on my tongue. It was a lot harder then I though :) After I danced a little i fell to the ground and made a snow angel. One of my first ones :) I thought it was beautiful but i am no Michelangelo. The next morning I made a snowman, Elder Smith allowed my Childish heart to have a little fun with it. Its always nice to remember what its like to be a child. We played dodge ball again at 6am on Saturday. And i was picked first haha. I don't know why, all i did was run around and be silly. It was a lot of fun and i was still enjoying myself. To many people take life to seriously. Sometimes we need to just roll on the floor and laugh:)

Sunday was a great day, always nice to be able to go to Church and feel the Spirit. I am so thankful that I get to learn and grow each week and I hope that everyone is also having fun. Someone guessed I was from California with how I acted. I took it as a complement. I am a California boy. I hope everyone has a great week! I am going to be here same time next week so have no fear. Always know that a smile goes a long way, share one today with a friend!

Elder Wyatt

It's Always Good Weather

I cant believe another week is down. They seem slow in the moment but fly by when one looks back.I think that is just how life flows. It makes it easier to stay positive too. I will do my best to recount what happened this last week:

 I enjoyed last P-day a lot, i got to play some fun games with my district and that's always a nice relaxation. I am getting a lot closer with everyone I work with out here and that makes it more fun and less work. Hardly feels like work though. My zone now knows that I am a weird lovable kid, and I think its wonderful. Its too bad when I see someone try and act tough or brave. We play games as a zone and one of the games we played this week was dodge ball. I didn't take it too seriously because I just wanted to have fun. So I was dancing around and when ever I saw a sister without a ball, I would roll her one, even if she was on other team :) I am always a gentlemen. One other Elder joined me in being silly and we tried to emulate Samuel the Laminate. Some how he and I would always be the last two left on our team. I did get a rug burn on my arm which is no fun, but it reminds me that I can't break dance :)

The work is slow in Sanford but Elder Smith and I make the best of it. Everyday we try all the doors we can. We knocked on the same door everyday this week with no answer, We will be there again everyday next week to try and catch them :) One of the people we are working with has the sweetest heart. He has the desire to quit smoking but just needs help, he has asked us to help him. He is a nice old man who doesn't want to commit because he doesn't want to be a Hippocrate if he isn't strong enough to keep the commandments. I admire someone who recognizes the value of what we teach. We will be meeting with him again next week and I know that we can help him.

The weather has been a roller coaster ride. Someday is nice and warm, other days its freezing cold with wind that try to blow me away. If I ever do start to fly I will just go towards Oz :) This Sunday I woke to a nice snowy day, its a great way to start march! I know we needed the water so its a good thing, or at least that is what everyone is telling me. I am finally used to the smell of cows, i didn't think it would happen but atlas, it is.

Elder Smith is a really great guy, BUT HE DOESN'T LIKE MOVIES OR POPCORN! How can one not like popcorn?!?! I don't know but he doesn't, I get all the popcorn in the apt though so that's a good thing:) I got to make myself pasta this week, i am so happy because in case anyone didn't know, i do like pasta. Its fun cooking for ourselves each day. Elder smith still always has his PB&J but i try and change it up a bit. I miss having a huge selection to cook with but I make the most of what I got, and I am always happy.

On Sunday I got the change to bear my testimony. First time i got to speak to the entire ward since I got to Sanford. I think I did a good job. I never know but I do know that I fallowed my heart and I can go wrong when I do that. I also taught Sunday school to the youth. It was my first time teaching a class in church. It was a lot of fun. I had the topic of the Book of Mormon and the effect it plays in conversion. I shared how it helped me and how we use it to teach investigators. Its really easy to teach because I am not the teacher. When we leave a BOM or after we teach a lession, I always try to say something along these lines: "We are merely here to help you, we can not force you to do anything nor do we want to. All we ask is that you read, ponder in your hearts, and pray. Let Him answer your question, He will testify the truth of what we have taught today. He will testify the truth of the Book of Mormon, you can choose to act on or accept what we have taught" I like that a lot because its true, we dont force anyone anything, we just invite others to come unto christ. And who better to ask about the truth of His Gospel then Him.

Everything always works out in the end. I get the opportunity to read scripture everyday and I am loving it. Always something more to pick up. One of the ones that caught my attention was Alma 37:6-7. It talks about small and simple means and how any little thing can help someone. I think back to myself and how it all started with a friend inviting me to come hear them speak at Church. It was a small act that started something, and i bet if one was to go back and think that I would have as big of a change as it did, no one would agree. One never knows how things will end up, but it always works out in the end. I know that even if times seem tough or if everything isn't going the way we would like it to go, that it does no good to think negative about it. Always stay positive and work towards a brighter tomorrow. I promise that any trial we face in life, we can over come.

Love Always,
Elder Daniel Wyatt

Here are some great photos of Daniel out in the field!


This week has had its interesting moments, and it has also had its slow moments, I think that is just the life of a small town. To start, after I wrote last week, my entire zone got together to play volleyball, I played barefoot and it was so nice. I miss my days where i didn't have to wear socks, but that's ok, wearing socks so much has made me appreciate the times i don't. I enjoyed relaxing but it was nice to get back to work.

On Wednesday we went to help out with a funeral, it was an interesting experience. It was nice because people would come up to us and ask us questions about what was being said about the Plan of Salvation. None of  them live in Sanford though so I wont get a chance to talk with them again, but i hope a seed has been planted. It was really awkward at on point when i was pouring water for everyone, i accidentally dipped my tie in someones drink! He gave me the weirdest look, i just got him a new drink as fast as I could. Its a good thing I keep my ties clean!

There are a lot of cows out here, A. LOT. OF. COWS. So when we have long walks down dirt roads that seem to go on forever, I practice my teaching to cows. I know I did a good job when I get a "MOO". It is funny to walk up to a group of cows because they all stare at you. Its kinda scary but its just because they love us and want to be our friends!

I got complement on how soft my hands were. Or at least I took it as a complement. I do enjoy the fact I have soft hands but it was weird to hear. It is funny how the families out here look at "City" boys. If there is one thing I know of sure. I am a city boy and I plan on living in or near one after college. Its the just the life for me.

Our district went out to lunch on Friday after we had a meeting. It was to be in a small dinner after not seeing a dinner of a long time. It wasn't very fancy but it was a lot of fun. I will attach a photo of us all out to eat. I am eating more and more, I don't know if thats because I work so much or if the food out here is just really good. I think its because I work so much haha. I did have creeps for dinner one night and that was a nice surprise. I havnt had them in a while and it was funny to see my companion struggle to eat them. He has never heard of them before and didnt know what to do, i taught him though and it was yummy.

The ice is slowly melting around town, it makes a lot more mud but I have really enjoyed playing in it. When my companion walks on the road i just from Ice to Ice breaking it and dancing on it :) I still enjoy the little things! I am glad it is warming up however. Its nice when we have blue skies and a warm sun. But the wind will still wake you up when it blows. My poor little noise hasnt stopped leaking since i got here but as it warms up i know it will go away!

One of the Less Active Members we teach is such an amazing man. He hasnt been able to go to church because his wife has dementia and cant do much. It hasn't stopped him from loving her and taking good care of her. I really admire him. He will always be by her side to help her with anything. They have been married for 65 years! He just turned 91 and is still an amazing husband. We have been going by to help him with anything he cant do on his own and everything we see him I learned something new and find something else to aspire towards.

This Saturday morning I chopped would. I had no idea what it was going to be like and it was quite an experience. We had a lot of men there and when we got moving it became a well oiled machine. We turned a bunk of trees into good fire wood. I also got to get to know some of the town better which is always good. That Saturday morning, before the wood, we had an early morning basketball game with everyone in our zone. And even though i wasnt paying attention, i somehow one. the whole time i was asking other missionaries doctrinal questions and some how it lead me to victory, it was all in good fun though.

Everything we go to dinner they ask my conversion story, i have said it a million times and i am sure my companion, elder smith could say it. He has been really good towards me. I am learning a lot from him. Everyone tells me i have the best trainer and they are right. I will be with him for 3 months in total (unless we get another transfer together) all i can do is try and learn all i can from him before he goes.

Sunday was really nice, I always enjoy Sundays. One of my favorite things said was "Dont give up something you want, for something you want now" I really like that and it gives me strength to press forward holding fast. I got to cook myself a nice breakfast which i really enjoyed and i got to hold a cute puppy. Her name was bell but i named her "Cuteness Snuggles Worth" She is our neighbors dog so i will hopeful she her again!

Last of all, the Sun Sets out here are the best. It always reminds me that He is there when you can see the clouds glowing gold in the sky. I know that we are never alone, and evem though at times in our life it feels as though no one gets us or can help us. I know, that He can help us. Never lose hope and never doubt He's Love.

Elder Daniel Joseph Wyatt