Monday, March 31, 2014

1 Transfer Down

Well, it has been moving fast! This week marks the start of a new transfer. A transfer is every 6 weeks and usually means a change in companion and area. I am being trained still so I will still be with Elder Smith. After these next 6 weeks however, its all up in the air and i could be going anywhere, or no where. What ever happens it will be perfect for me. I will make this transfer my best one yet! i might just say that for everyone but its the truth, no reason to ever settle!

Last week was a fun week, it was filled with lots of meetings and each morning I had somewhere to be. After Emails last week we played a game called scatter-ball, its like doge-ball but with only one ball and no teams. lots of fun. i have burnt all corners of my knees however from the rug. that's ok, it will heal and i enjoyed rolling on the ground like a worm. i tried to be silly and make the game interesting. i learned if i stood still and pretended to be a tree, no one would see me. I am soooo sneaky :)

On Tuesday we spend some time updating our Mormon.Org profiles. Its something we are starting to do more and this April we might be getting i-pads which would be very exciting. If i do get one i am going to look up all the old conferences and just read some great talks. We also might be becoming facebook missionaries this April but neither of those things are set in stone.

We had a great lesson with the Reed Family this week. Its a part member family and was great because on of the Less Active daughters brought a non-member friend. The non-member was asking all shorts of great questions and the spirit was so strong in the room. When we talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost, she started to cry, after she asked when we could meet again and that's wonderful. We are going to keep working with her and the Reed family.

On Wednesday we did exchanges again. This time I went up to La Jara, a small town a few miles north of Sanford. It was my first time not sleeping in Sanford since i got into the mission field. That was a neat experience. I do prefer our apt a lot better however.One of the coolest parts of being in La Jara was the increase of people to talk to. We went tracking and just from an hour of work we got two new investigators that are being meet with this next week. So fun to do the Lords work and I know He is by my side at each door.

I helped teach the Plan of Salvation to one of there investigators, it was a great lesions and the woman was so sweet. shes about 70 years old and had to be on oxygen. But would have the biggest and warmest laughs. During the lesson i asked her if she would be baptized and she said yes! Such an amazing experience. Its not my ward though so i had to say goodbye that evening, the missionaries who will be with her however are just as good if not better then me.

We had a big specialized training on thursday and for that we meet up with another zone and had meetings all morning with president and others. It was a lot of fun however. Our president leaves this July, i hope the next one is just as good as President Anderson, I am sure he will be! We recorded videos at training and I would send my home but its wayyy to long to send. one day i will get it online.

It was a great week but one of my highlights was tie trading. for the Elders in my district, we traded some ties to remember one an other. it was really cool and now i have more ties so i wont be wearing the same old ones, its nice to put a little shift into things. One of the ties i got is my "posterity" tie, it has been passed down from 5 trainers to me, its a really neat tie and i hope i can pass it along to someone. but thats only if i train, who knows what will happen over the year.

We went to a bull sale this week, that was real different. Its like an auction but for bulls and i could not believe how fast the man who talk. i couldn't understand half the things he said. it was great activity to go to because there were a lot of non-members we go to introduce ourselves to. not a lot lived in sanford but still nice to talk about the church with people. We also got free food and thats when you know it was a great idea to go somewhere!

Overall a really great week, and a step forward on my mission. Tomorrow marks my two months out in mission and that's going by really fast. I need to keep working hard so i don't waste any time! I hope everyone has an amazing week and knows that everything works out.

Luke 18:27

Elder Wyatt

Attached are some great photots Elder Wyatt has sent!
Daniel is working so hard with the people of Colorado! As you can see, missionaries don't always teach in the most comfortable circumstances.
He loves the work and is doing great!

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