Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doubt Your Doubts Before You Doubt Your Faith

What an amazing week. I am sure that there will be things i forget to mention but I will do my best to remember them all. I have keep a very detail journal and that will be fun to read when i get home but for now, let us dive into the week!

After Emails last week, we played chair soccer as a district. It was so much fun. I had never played it before but its really a neat game. You play soccer in a gym and everyone has a chair. You have three lives and when your chair gets hit by soccer ball, you lose one. so you run around trying to get others out but protecting your own. Its also cool because if you get out you can sit in your chair and if you get the chance to grab ball, you can attempt to through it at someones chair and steal a life. I would give away my lifes freely though, more fun to have everyone playing. I ripped one of my socks so i will now attempt to sow it this week. It will be interesting haha. Always fun to relax and play a game but the most fun comes from doing the Lords work.

On Tuesday we jumped right back into teaching and serving. It was a slow start to the week with a lot of people not answering doors. On Thursday we did splits and i spent the day with Elder Miamoto. He is a really sweet Elder from Hawaii. He must be a good luck charm because when he and I went out, every door answered. It was neat because i was senior companion for day because its my area. I got to plan and take lead on different things. I think i did alright but i know that i have a ton to learn, thats why i am here. I get to learn everyday! :)

One of the less actives we meet with was named Kyle, he was hurt some years back and has been holding a grudge towards the church. We taught him how no one is perfect and that everyone is trying there best but sometimes people make mistakes. We shared, "Come join with us" and one of the best lines is about what we doubt. After our meeting he came to church for the first time in two years! Something had to have worked! We are meeting with him again this week. He has a lot of potential to be a strong leader but he just needs the drive.

I thought the Plan of Salvation this week to a family that has been struggle with the lose of their mother. The lesson could not have gone better. The Spirit was so strong in the room and I dont think anyone could have denied it. It really is something amazing that we have this plan. Its a wonderful opportunity to grow, learn, and be with our love ones forever. I think that its my favorite lesson to teach. Its both a comfort and a promise that things will all work out.

Lots of meetings on Friday, we had a testimony meeting and its so powerful to hear a large group of missionaries bare there testimony. I think that it is so amazing that the work has been trusted to us as youth to go fourth and teach. It really shows how He works through us and makes our weakness strong. I know I couldn't do it without Him and am so thankful I can always turn to Him.

Friday was a very interesting day. We biked over 15 miles! (that's a lot for me, still adjusting to altitude )Elder Smith and I only have bikes and part of the town is farm land and there are some houses we don't always get the chance to visit. So we embarked this beautiful Saturday morning to see what we could do. I had two very interesting experience.

The first was very scary. The man was not a nice man and he had some very colorful words to share with us. We smile and asked how we could work towards a brighter tomorrow and he proceeded to make us leave his property and yell at us to "Never Come back!" I think we will stop by again in two weeks to offer our hand again. He is the type of person we can really help. Although its scary, no one ever said it was going to be easy. It was never easy for Christ, so why should i expect it to be easy for me.

The second was a nice man but he only spoke Spanish. I though back to the years of classes i took, wishing i payed more attention, but did what i could to talk to him. There are a lot of words i don't know but i knew Christ and Church. We spoke for a few minutes and got to invite him to church. We are sending the Spanish missionaries his way. They will be a lot better then I.

It snowed a lot on Friday night! We came out of an appointment and it was white! I instantly ran around dancing and trying to catch snow on my tongue. It was a lot harder then I though :) After I danced a little i fell to the ground and made a snow angel. One of my first ones :) I thought it was beautiful but i am no Michelangelo. The next morning I made a snowman, Elder Smith allowed my Childish heart to have a little fun with it. Its always nice to remember what its like to be a child. We played dodge ball again at 6am on Saturday. And i was picked first haha. I don't know why, all i did was run around and be silly. It was a lot of fun and i was still enjoying myself. To many people take life to seriously. Sometimes we need to just roll on the floor and laugh:)

Sunday was a great day, always nice to be able to go to Church and feel the Spirit. I am so thankful that I get to learn and grow each week and I hope that everyone is also having fun. Someone guessed I was from California with how I acted. I took it as a complement. I am a California boy. I hope everyone has a great week! I am going to be here same time next week so have no fear. Always know that a smile goes a long way, share one today with a friend!

Elder Wyatt

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