Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This week has had its interesting moments, and it has also had its slow moments, I think that is just the life of a small town. To start, after I wrote last week, my entire zone got together to play volleyball, I played barefoot and it was so nice. I miss my days where i didn't have to wear socks, but that's ok, wearing socks so much has made me appreciate the times i don't. I enjoyed relaxing but it was nice to get back to work.

On Wednesday we went to help out with a funeral, it was an interesting experience. It was nice because people would come up to us and ask us questions about what was being said about the Plan of Salvation. None of  them live in Sanford though so I wont get a chance to talk with them again, but i hope a seed has been planted. It was really awkward at on point when i was pouring water for everyone, i accidentally dipped my tie in someones drink! He gave me the weirdest look, i just got him a new drink as fast as I could. Its a good thing I keep my ties clean!

There are a lot of cows out here, A. LOT. OF. COWS. So when we have long walks down dirt roads that seem to go on forever, I practice my teaching to cows. I know I did a good job when I get a "MOO". It is funny to walk up to a group of cows because they all stare at you. Its kinda scary but its just because they love us and want to be our friends!

I got complement on how soft my hands were. Or at least I took it as a complement. I do enjoy the fact I have soft hands but it was weird to hear. It is funny how the families out here look at "City" boys. If there is one thing I know of sure. I am a city boy and I plan on living in or near one after college. Its the just the life for me.

Our district went out to lunch on Friday after we had a meeting. It was to be in a small dinner after not seeing a dinner of a long time. It wasn't very fancy but it was a lot of fun. I will attach a photo of us all out to eat. I am eating more and more, I don't know if thats because I work so much or if the food out here is just really good. I think its because I work so much haha. I did have creeps for dinner one night and that was a nice surprise. I havnt had them in a while and it was funny to see my companion struggle to eat them. He has never heard of them before and didnt know what to do, i taught him though and it was yummy.

The ice is slowly melting around town, it makes a lot more mud but I have really enjoyed playing in it. When my companion walks on the road i just from Ice to Ice breaking it and dancing on it :) I still enjoy the little things! I am glad it is warming up however. Its nice when we have blue skies and a warm sun. But the wind will still wake you up when it blows. My poor little noise hasnt stopped leaking since i got here but as it warms up i know it will go away!

One of the Less Active Members we teach is such an amazing man. He hasnt been able to go to church because his wife has dementia and cant do much. It hasn't stopped him from loving her and taking good care of her. I really admire him. He will always be by her side to help her with anything. They have been married for 65 years! He just turned 91 and is still an amazing husband. We have been going by to help him with anything he cant do on his own and everything we see him I learned something new and find something else to aspire towards.

This Saturday morning I chopped would. I had no idea what it was going to be like and it was quite an experience. We had a lot of men there and when we got moving it became a well oiled machine. We turned a bunk of trees into good fire wood. I also got to get to know some of the town better which is always good. That Saturday morning, before the wood, we had an early morning basketball game with everyone in our zone. And even though i wasnt paying attention, i somehow one. the whole time i was asking other missionaries doctrinal questions and some how it lead me to victory, it was all in good fun though.

Everything we go to dinner they ask my conversion story, i have said it a million times and i am sure my companion, elder smith could say it. He has been really good towards me. I am learning a lot from him. Everyone tells me i have the best trainer and they are right. I will be with him for 3 months in total (unless we get another transfer together) all i can do is try and learn all i can from him before he goes.

Sunday was really nice, I always enjoy Sundays. One of my favorite things said was "Dont give up something you want, for something you want now" I really like that and it gives me strength to press forward holding fast. I got to cook myself a nice breakfast which i really enjoyed and i got to hold a cute puppy. Her name was bell but i named her "Cuteness Snuggles Worth" She is our neighbors dog so i will hopeful she her again!

Last of all, the Sun Sets out here are the best. It always reminds me that He is there when you can see the clouds glowing gold in the sky. I know that we are never alone, and evem though at times in our life it feels as though no one gets us or can help us. I know, that He can help us. Never lose hope and never doubt He's Love.

Elder Daniel Joseph Wyatt

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