Monday, March 31, 2014

Warm Sky

Dear All,

Hello again, its Elder Wyatt here with another excited update on life, library, and the pursuit of happiness, or its an update about me :)

It was a slow week because Elder Smith got pretty sick. I felt bad for him but he finally got to try my cooking because I took care of him. He has been feeling better these past few days so its been nice to be able to go out and get some more work done. We walked a little more because he wasn't feeling up for biking. But i prefer walking with all the wind that blows us in wrong direction.

Some good lessons this week. One of them was with a less-active who spent about 15 minutes trying to justify sinner and was explain how we should all break the word of wisdom. Elder Smith and I shut him up real fast and it turned into a very powerful moment. We had a young man come with us to get some experience and after he told us how strong the spirit was and that he needs to work on not doing the little sins. He said it really helped him with some of his concerns. It was nice to hear how our lesson helped both the Less-Active member and the member. Its amazing how little things can come from not planning it. Life is so funny like that.

One of our lessons was with a pare of recent converts who haven't been going to church in a long time. The whole thing went well but we asked them to give opening and closing prayers and that's when we learned that they don't know how to pray. But that's ok because we are meeting with them again this week and now we have a plan to teach about prayers! They are a good family but the husband isn't as interesting as the wife and because of that she cant do much. I feel bad for her but we can help and that's our plan.

We went to teach a part member family this week to see if we could get the husband more interesting. but after a few minutes of us being there he just went into the back room. So it wasn't very productive but it was good that we got into the house. We are going back to help chop some wood and we are hoping he will be there to chat with. His daughter is 14 and also not a member so that would be good if we could work with them both.

We finally caught one of the few non-members of the town on Sunday and got to spend a good hour talking with him. He is crazy. Absolutely crazy. But we are glad to get to work with him. He is very religious and believe most of LDS Doctrine but he doesn't want to join a church. Hopefully as we continue to work with him. he will become more excited to fallow the example of Jesus Christ. His mother is a member and she was pushing him to act on our message. It was funny seeing her tell her son things. She is about 83 and the non member is about 61. Elder Smith and I just sat there and smiled :)

We got to do a lot of service this week. I am a lot better at chopping wood. I can usually get it first try which is great for me haha. I also learned that racking leaves is good, but not fun when it is really windy. I wish i could say i figured that out fast but it took am about 20 minutes to realize that the piles i made would just blow back apart. I also got to spread a lot of animal product to help a lawn grown. and nothing sounds like more fun that that. We did get banana bread out of it and i loved that!

Well, keep on smiling and keep on enjoying life, everything works out in the end. I am only ever an Email or letter away!

Don't forget to Pray!

Elder Wyatt

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