Sunday, April 20, 2014

Snow In April


From Wednesday to Saturday we had clear blue skies and warm sunshine, but I woke to a very bright and snow covered town this morning. I have been told that the weather changes very often and if I do not like it to just wait 5 minutes and it will be different. It has been a very long five minutes this morning. The snow looks like it stop coming down so that is something. With the sun out I am sure I will be back to my mud puddles and wind soon. I do enjoy the weather, it keeps things interesting. Always a surprise when one wakes up!

This was a good week. I went on exchanges twice so I worked with two different missionaries then I normally do. But that was not until Wednesday. For the start of the week Elder Smith and I embarked on our journey, in our usual fashion, and heading out to conquer the world! Or at least knock on a few doors and teach a few lessons. Both good plans in my minds but we settle on the second. We had some success but nothing to exciting. We did set up some lessons for later in the week which is always a good thing. I was gone for them but they were still great from what I hear.

Come Wednesday we had a district service project. We went to a members house they were building and helped them clean out a lot of the dust and things that were left over so they could start to move items into the house. Its was a lot of fun. There were two Amish there and they were both very kind and helpful in working on the house. We spent a good amount of time throwing dry wall out of the second floor window. That was exciting until we went outside and had to move the pieces we threw to the trash. Still fun. We got a lot of cookies from the family too so it was great!

After we were finished there I left with Elder Miymoto (Can not spell it, sorry) to work in La Jara second ward. I have been there before and it was neat to be there again. We went straight to work and had some great luck. We tracking into a waiter we know from one of the restaurants and he was very open to reading the Bool of Mormon and praying about it. He invited us to come back later in the week because he was about to go into work. (I am sure the La Jara Elders had a great lesson with him on Sunday.) After we chatted with him for a little bit we went out again to try and catch some people. Meet a lot of non-members which was great because it is always exciting to chat with them. We passed out a few more Books of Mormon before we had dinner. After dinner we headed home and prepared for next day.

On Thursday we spent some time on computers and I got a talk called "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. I highly recommend everyone to read it. It is a really good talk. After that we had some more service to help the Sisters clean out there house. They had a big mice infestation so we got to craw into dark places and get them out. That was very exciting and also dirty. It was good to help them out because they could not deal with the mice. I was just glad they were mice and not rats. After we did that we heading to a town call "Capuline" (I think that is how is is spelled) It is just put side of La Jara and there were a lot of great people out there we got to meet with. Most of the town is Catholic and that makes it a great place to work and meet non-members. We had one lesson with a woman name Kelly and she was very excited to hear about the restoration. He husband was not as thrilled about it and that made it awkward at times. But it was still a good lesson and I hope she can make it to church one day.

The evening came and I was taking back to Sanford. It did not last long because come Friday afternoon, I went on exchanges again with the Sanford 2 Elders. Friday morning we had zone training. I really enjoyed that because I love to learn. The topic of the day was "The power of the Book of Mormon." It was great to learn more about how we can answer questions and help with concerns as we teach just by using the Book of Mormon. Because I was a convert to the Church, I was asked to bear my testimony about how it helped me in my conversion. I was excited to share my small amount of knowledge. I continue to learn more everyday.

After the meeting I left with Elder Clark to Sanford 2. It was really neat to work in the other half of town. Sanford is not the worlds biggest town but there are still parts i have not seen because it is not in my area. I enjoyed working with Elder Clark, he is the senior Zone leader for my Zone. That means he is a great missionary and there was a lot I could learn from him. We went to a few of his investigators and shared some thoughts with those around us. Someone dropped us off pizza so we just relaxed in out Apt for dinner. After words we jumped back into his truck. Side note, being in an area with a car is great. I normally walk or bike everywhere so just relaxing in a nice warm car is wonderful. We had some great evening lesson and then call it a night.

Saturday morning was fun. We had some good lessons but one of them was with an investigator named German. He made us lunch and we taught him the Law of Chasity. That was the first time I have ever taught that lesson to a real person and it was interesting. Of all the lessons we teach, that just might be the most awkward one. It went really well and the only confusing was over what a "Ward" was. That was surprising hard to teach to someone who has never heard it before. It all worked out and the tacos he made us were very yummy. Quite greasy though.

At lunch I got to come back to Elder Smith. It was good to be back in my apt and sleep in my own bed. I have only been here for 8 weeks but it feels like home. I also like having all my pillows. One is just not enough for me. Elder Smith and I had some great luck. On Sunday afternoon we finally got into a less-active families home we have been trying to get in for, well, 8 weeks. I was a great lesson but I was told that is because the wife was not home. The husband was eager to come to church but he can not because of some family circumstances. I hope that things work out for him. We are planning on going back to try and talk with his wife but who knows how that will work out.

Overall it was a really nice week. I really enjoyed the opportunities I had to work in other areas and with other missionaries. I know the lessons I learned from them will help me throughout my entire mission. It has been really nice to learn and grow some each day, and I do not plan on stopping. Life is too short not to have a smile on my face. I finished the Book of Mormon this morning. So now I have read it through twice. This last one has been great because i read it over two months as apposed to the 11 months it took me last time. I learned so many things from it and am eager to start it again to learn some more. Keep up the faith and never doubt, only believe.

1 Corinthians 13:7

 Elder Wyatt

PS. Sorry there were no pictures this week. But I promise I will send some more soon!

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