Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Atonement is Real

Hey Everyone,

This past week has been a lot of learning and personal growth for me. To cap it off It was Easter weekend and a great chance to remember Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for each of us. I know that there are times in life when things don't seem to be going to way we wished them to go but it is key to remember that we are never alone and no matter what events occur in our life, that things will always work out in the end. I hope that everyone had a great weekend and that things continue to go up. Keep enjoying life and never forget that there is always something to be thankful for.

It was a great start to the week because I got three new t-shirts. And I really like them. Fun to change things up a bit when I can. I also got some ingredients to make myself treats this week and it was great to be baking again. Nothing super fancy but a nice little treat I was able to make. I did it from memory too so I was very impressed i didn't burn anything down. It all worked out and they are so yummy.

This week was a great week and we had lots of great lessons. We started off on a positive note on Tuesday when one of the investigators we have been teaching finally changed her outlook on baptism on being something unnecessary to something that she might do in the future. This is a huge step because a few months ago she would not let missionaries in her home but now she has progressed a long way. I do not know if I will be here to se

e her move towards anything major but I am happy I have been able to help in the ways i did.

We also go into a lot of homes who had previously not let us in, the people were not very receptive to our message but it was good to be inside and really meet them. We got a few return appointments for this week and that was great. Always good to keep helping those around us.

I was on exchanges with another Elder on Thursday and together we taught a pastor of another faith about the restoration. He was very open to the message and to the spirit he felt. We are teaching him again in the next week and he has mentioned that he will be baptized if he feels the spirit telling him too.

When out tracing I invited someone to be baptized and they said YES. I did not know what to do because I have never had that happen to me so we set a time to go back this week. A lot of planning for this week but that just means this week will be just as great. I am glad i finally had someone say yes to me at the door. It was really something.

Over all a great week and we had stake conference this weekend. Hear some amazing talks and felt a great spirit, such a wonderful time of year to remember Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us. Learning and growing each day, staying strong and trying me best to be a little better each day. Keep smiling!

Elder Wyatt

1. Daniel and his companion made a fort out of bedsheets! Good to see he's still having fun :)

2. He looks quite embarrassed that he broke this box at home...

3. Here are the treats he made! What a great chef!


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