Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Whole New World

Hey everyone!

Its been such a great week and too much to tell in the time I have so let us begin and I will try to stay on task with the good stuff! Oh, last Monday, I now just think that it wont ever stop snowing and i should just be ready for it any day. I do enjoy the snow, i still run around and make snow balls so its just a big game. One must find joy in life after all.

We had a really great lesson with Gary Bailey, he is our mayor and not a member of the Church. He has a very strong testimony of it, but just does not want to act on it. We found a way to get him to act though, He wants his family to be baptized (but not him) so we are now teaching them and it will hopefully pan out well over these next few weeks. I have no doubt that as his family works towards it he too will have a greater desire to be baptized and we will be here for him when he wants us too.

We got to catch with a lot of people who we have never been able to catch and one of them was interesting. He invited us in and his house was covered in flies. ( i used a lot soap, do not worry) We chatted and it turned out that he left the Church years ago and began to start his own, taught us his doctrine and I learned a lot. Turns out the Atlantis is just North America and that Julius Cezer was Jesus father. I had never really taught about that but he was also really excited to chat because I take it he does not get a lot of visitors. He was kind and we might teach him again, but most likely not at his home.

Great news, one of our investigators who was in jail, is out! Woohoo! And he is out with a great desire to attend church. Things happen for a reason i guess, i do not know a lot but the things I do know tell me to have faith. So that's what I am doing. Life is simpler that way too! We are going back to teach him this coming week and look forward to seeing him at church. I know it will bless him so much so that is the game plan.

We had our big zone conference yesterday and that was so cool. It always is but its just so much fun to gather in a group of missionaries and with our mission leaders, the spirit in the room is unbeatable. Just like in school I am always the one who takes a shoot in the dark on a question that no one knows and it has been working out well for me. I am so lucky to have the Holy Ghost with me to teach and guide me. Lets me know i never have to have fear.

Overall it was a great week and I am so excited for another week in the vineyard. I am thankful for all that I have been taught and given in my life. We focused on short testimonies in our conference so to close, I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is true and I know that because I ask Heavenly Father and He answered my prayers. I know we can all come to that same conclusion so long as we ask Him in faith and with a sincere heart. I am so thankful for this knowledge and I learn everyday.

Helaman 3:27-28  = All of us

Elder Wyatt

Photos from Elder Wyatt!

1. I tried to grow out my mustache. Do I pull it off?
2. I got to be a cowboy for a zone teaching role play.
3. This is my new zone. I am the one in the suit. 

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