Sunday, May 4, 2014

Live, Learn, Grow

Hi ya'll

Another week has flown by. Time keeps moving faster and I am amazing at the weeks when they are over. I had a great week working with elder smith, i always do with him. He has been a great companion and I will miss him come transfers. Transfers are next week and I have no idea where or who I will be with, there is always the chance that i will stay with Elder Smith in Sanford but it is not as likely. Where I go I know it will be the best place for me, the Lord is good like that :) No matter what I look towards the future with a smile and with faith.

We started of the week helping a member with his garden. THERE WERE SO MANY WEEDS. We spent a long time and it looked like we did not get very far but I know we did. It was very windy and as did this work, as always, and a lot of dust blew into my mouth and eyes. I was sure i could make a sand-castle from the of the dirt that was on me. I wore my super-man shirt as we worked and I did try a few times to jump and fly away. Its a secrete if I can, and I am not allowed to shared it if i could.

We had amazing luck with some of the members of Sanford who previously did not let us into there holms. We had the opportunity to meet with a man named Don Kreps who has been less active for years and never been excited to meet with missionaries. We chatted with him some last week but this week he was a lot warmer towards us. He jested with us some and tried to test me on doctrinal questions but I held my own and he smiled a few times. His daughter was in there two, she is a non member, about 47 years old. She was more focused on the TV then what we were sharing with her. Lucky, her father turned of the TV and made her listen. It was great. She has a 12 year old son who wanted to join the church years ago but she prevented him. Hopefully as we continue to meet with them they will all come join with us.

We bike out to the "feed Lot" this past week and that is a long bike ride away. We also bike into the wind and that made it hard to go out but it wasn't to bad when we came home. We did not have a lot of luck out there but we did find a home of a Spanish speaking family only. Chatted for a little until they asked us to go. Elder smith said he was lost the whole time because he didn't speak any Spanish but that's OK. Elder smith has taught me lots of Signs and I am slowly picking it up. it would be fun to be able to master it, its good to use when we are teaching and we need to let the other person know something.

We has a softball activity on Thursday. It was the first time i have used a bat or a glove in a long time. I was surprised at my time up at bat, I didn't get to many strikes. I did learn, or remember that I can not pitch for the life of me. It was a very awkward moment when  I throw them in the ground and to far above the batter. It was a learning experience right? I like to think of it like that.

We had a normal Sunday this past weekend. It has been a while since we just had our normal meetings. I always enjoy Sundays. I have learned so much over the past few weeks. I have now restarted the BOM and I am got a study guide for the Old Testament so I can understand it better. I am learning more and more every day. Eager to learn ever more this week and for every week fallowing that.

D & C 5:34

Love Always,
Elder Wyatt

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