Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Things

Another amazing week in Colorado and as always the best work in the world to do. I have learned and grown a lot of the past week as I always seem to do. To start we had a nice relaxing P-day. WE got lunch at a great place and I had a delicious guac burger. I have not had a good one in a while so it was nice to pig out. We played Ninja and a game called swords. It was a ton of fun to just be silly. I usually am but it was nice to see others be silly with me :)

We had some great lessons this past week and those whom we teach are finally progressing some. That is really nice to see. With Sis Hamilton, we went back and answered some of her questions/concerns. She is finally opening up to us about what is keeping her from coming to church. for the longest time she would not let missionaries into her house so that is huge progress for her! Her husband also started to come back to church and that is great to see. We are going back again next week to continue to help her get past her concerns.

He taught Gary Gardner again, he is a retired Reverend from another church and we have been teaching him lessons of the past two weeks. He had never hear of the aposticy and was very intrigued by it. He is very open to reading the Book of Mormon and Praying about it. It has been good to teach him but this man can talk. He will just go off on a story for a while and my companion or I have to cut him off and bring it back to focused on the Gospel. He said he would come to church next weekend so I really hope to see him there.

We saw the crazy mayor Gary Bailey again. He is such a character. Always so silly and will never take a breath to let someone else speak. Good thing i am nice and rude and will just start speaking at the same time as him. He loves me and we have had some fun teaching him. He knows the church is true but wont do anything about it... yet. I just need a few more times to teach him. He wants his family to be baptized however, we are going to work on that angle next week.

One of the persons we have been teaching is moving up to Denver tomorrow and that's too bad. He is a great guy and I know that he will do well up there. It causes some what of an issue because he has taken another family into his trailer but when he leaves they do too, and they have no where else to live. This tells me i get to help them move again, but that's ok, always happy to help.

For service this week, we got to tear down someone house, or part of it. We ripped out dry wall and the insulation. Do not worry, i wore gloves and a mask the whole time. But it was really fun to just run around a room with a hammer and slam it into the wall. I am really good at that, fun fact. We spent a lot of time ripping it out and then the real fun part came when we had to clean it all up.

Over all a really nice week and things continue to go well. This Wednesday day marks transfers and I will no longer be with Elder Smith. He is going to a different zone up in Parker South and I will be remaining in Sanford with Elder Sagers. He was a Zone Leader before hand but is dropping down to District leader in Sanford. I look forward to being with a new companion and continuing to work hard.

Jacob 4:7

Love Always,
Elder Wyatt

Here are some photos that Daniel included with his own captions:
1. Last meeting with this district. We had fun.
2. We had some fun hats to wear. They were so soft!
3. A man we have been teaching, Steven. He likes to brand animals and I would never do that so we often talk about why
4. I saw this Sunday morning and it brought tears to my eyes
5. This is Garry Gardner on my right and President Reynolds on my left.
6. This is one of my zone leaders, Elder Wilson, we know how to pose.
7. This is Crazy Cat Lady. I enjoy her, but her house is sooooo gross. 

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