Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel!

Hey Everyone,

Another week has rushed by me and I am still trying to catch up to it all. I have officially started my new transfer with my new companion. His name is Elder Sagers, he is from burly Idaho and has been serving on his mission longer then I have been a member of this church. He is a good guy and I look forward to working with him whilst I can. Before I even met him I had my last few days with Elder Smith

We saw Art Lujuan, he is a non-member and we have been trying to get him to read to Book of Mormon. He doesn't because he believes you can not add or take away from the Bible, He wont even pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. So after we learned these things we have decided to no longer focus our energy on him.

On Tuesday we packed up and headed up to Colorado Springs, the first time I have left the San Luis Valley in 3 months. It was so weird to be in a city where there are more then a hand full of stores. I was so gitty in the card as I pointed out buildings fallowed by an "ooohhhhh" There were so many people and so much to do and see. And boy I forgot how dirty city's are. I did not miss the smell of smoke coating the air but it was fun when we walked around and just went into random stores. We went into a few art gallerias and that was just weird to walk around with 3 other missionaries.

When we were in the city we went to a hair cutting school to get free hair cuts, the only catch is those who cut your hair are learning. i lucked out and the professor used my hair as a demo lesson so my hair turned out great, some of the others, well, they might be buzzing them off, free is free however and i did enjoy that experience. We got Panda Panda, and I forgot how yummy fast food is. It fill my tummy with warm goodness. It was our last hurrah as a group because half of us were leaving to different areas, we spent the night at a missionary apt.

I woke to chocolate waffles. Such a great way to wake up :) We headed over to the meeting and had some time to just chat with other missionaries. It was the first time that I got to see those who I was in the MTC with since the MTC. It was neat seeing them and how they have grown over the past three months. I wonder if I have too. What ever the case we got to watch the new in-coming missionaries meet there trains, I remember how nervous I was that day but they all look so excited to begin teaching! After some goodbyes, we headed back down south the Sanford, its about a 4 hour drive and we stopped for food in Pueblo. It was a nice drive back and very different with the new missionaries.

We had zone meetings and lots of service this past end of week so not a lot of opportunities to teach. I got to tear down some more walls and I am still very good with a hammer. My district is just about the same except for two so that's not to big of a change. We had a short meeting to get  to know one an other and as we were chatting it started to snow on us. Just another great thing that comes from being in the mountains.

We did have some great lessons even though not much time. My companion met Mayor Bailey and that was an experience. He has really warmed up to the idea of having his family taught because he knows church is true and wants them to be baptized but he wont do it. Still working on jumping that hurdle. But if he continues down the path he has began, i have no doubt things will work out.

We taught sister Hamilton again and it went really well. Her Home Teacher came with us and he has been a great help. He is a good friend of hers so she will really listen to him when he explains things and bears his testimony. I am just nervous because he and his wife are leaving on a mission in the coming weeks and hope that she is still open to us when he leaves. No matter what we will still try and her husband has been coming to church more and more so its nice to see him there.

We met with with Guy Sanchez again, he was in jail for a little but but he is out now, and he is more open to coming to church since his time in the jail. It was a nice surprise to hear that and he was even open to being baptized because he has never been so. I am looking forward to meeting with him again in the future and hope that our lessons continue to have the spirit they have had.

Over all i am really happy and I have felt like everything is going well for me. I hope things continue to go well for everyone and know that I am only ever an email or a letter away!

Alma 5:14

Love Always,
Elder Wyatt

The following pictures (and their great captions!) included with this email:

1. Saw a good friend from the MTC. (I am hidden in his arms)
2.  Goodbye to Elder Smith
3. This is my "Family Tree"
4. Snow in May, we have fun with it (This is Elder Greer)
5. This is my new companion and a suit I got for $5 at a thrift store. It fits well and I love it. 


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