Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Leaving Town

Hey everyone!

 Its Elder Wyatt again, so if you are looking for Elder Smith, you are in the wrong area. I wish you the best of luck in your search. Any-who, another week has shot past and time just keeps ticking by. This past week was really fun, from mountains to a trip to Pueblo, I feel like I have done too much this past week to tell it all, but one must start somewhere so here we go. Off to Never-land!! oh, off to Flat Top!!

Flat top is a mountain just outside of Sanford. Last P-day we had the idea to go hike, we thought it would only be 30 minutes or so, well about two hours later and after we lost half the group to the pointy plants, also known as cactus who did not have much love for Elder Greer. very thankful i wore my boots. When we hit the top the view was unbeatable and i can not send all the photos i took, just to many but it was a ton of fun. I found a ram skull and we hung it on the wall. We finish with some snow cones after, great way to cool down after a long hike.

We had some great luck on Tuesday when we ran into Mayor Bailey and it turned into a great lesson with the who family. The mother cried for most of it and she recognized it as the spirit. Looks like things will continue to go up with them. We are meeting with them tomorrow and it will be my last lesson with them.

Gary Gardner sadly lost his date for baptism. He found out that if he were to join the LDS Church, he would lose his retirement from being a pastor of another faith and has informed us that he does not want to lose it. I was sad to see him choose money over blessings but I still love and support the man. I hope one day he might change his mind over the situation.

On Wednesday we traveled up to Pueblo for a big meeting. It was fun to see lots of friends I have not seen since the MTC. It was our last big even with President Anderson and we will be getting a new mission President in a few weeks. I am looking forward to meeting him and am sure he is the best man for the job. The Lord picked him after all!

I found out today that I will be transferred to Canon City 1st Ward up in Colorado Springs! I am excited to go out and explore something new. I will be in a little bigger city with less members and a car. So it will be a fun shift of what I am used to working with. I am thrilled to continue to meet new people and plan on making many friends along the way! Its always fun to make friends and I do not see any reason not to. I will be getting a new address and I will be sending that out next week to whom it may concern.

As always, I want to end on the note of my Testimony. I am so thankful for this Church and so thankful for our loving Heavenly Father. Like in times of old, we have a living Prophet and we still receive direct revelation from Heaven Father and Jesus Christ. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living Prophet of the Lord and if we fallow his leader ship, we will be fallowing the Living God. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is lead today by Jesus Christ. I know that this is true because I have prayed and asked God if it was true and the Holy Ghost Testified of it to me.

I love you all very much and hope that everything continues to go up for you all. I am only ever an email or letter away. Know that I am always here if there is anything I can do. Find some flowers this week and smell them, especially the roses!

Elder Wyatt

1. Doesn't look too far, right?
2. Making our way up!
3 & 4. We made it! SO high up.
5. Snow cone :)
6. This means I'm working hard, right?! I'm buying new ones, don't worry!
7. Made a pinewood durby car, sorry I forgot to talk about it. We lost badly. It was way too heavy.
8. We had fun in our meeting

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