Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Loving

Hey Everyone,

It's little 'ol Elder Wyatt here. As always it was another amazing week. Two snow cone shacks have opened up in town (two shacks for 700 people) and I am going to try every flavor at least once. One of the dogs who always follows us around, Little Girl, was missing for a few weeks and when we finally saw her, she had 9 puppies! They are all so adorable and I just want to steal them all. The owner is trying to give them away so we are now also asking around for people who want a puppy. Things are always so great, It never seems to be bad when devoting my time and energy to the Lord. It has been such a spiritual uplifting experience these past few months and I look forward to the many more to come. I can not believe that it is already June. Time is just flying by. We had a great week for missionary work.

One of the investigators we have been teaching is really progressing. Gary Gardner is a retired Reverend from the Presbyterian faith and has come a long way from when we first meet him. The first day I met him he wanted to bash, but now that we have had the opportunity to really sit down and chat, he really opened up to our message. We focused on the basics as we taught and with simple testimonies, a lot of power comes. One of his best friends is a on the stake counsel and came to join us during our lesson. When we called him he could not believe that we were teaching Gary. It was funny to see his surprise. Brother Gardner has since come to church twice and now has a date to be baptized in two weeks. As long as everything continues to go the way it is going, we will have a great day to look forward to!

We had the opportunity to go and help out at youth conference this past Friday. It was the first one I have been able to attend and I went as a missionary :) We got to teach a lot and help out at the activities. It was really fun to just be an example for those around us. One of the games they had set up involved the giant hamster balls... I had to give it a shot and it was a ball! :) It was something I have always wanted to do and was excited that I got to finally check it off my list. We got to teach a lot too and it was so neat to see those who were excited about going out and sharing the same messages with their friends who could not make it or who were not LDS.

That is just about all the big things that happened this week. Always a ton of little things that strengthen my testimony each week. I have really enjoyed my time making new friends and am so excited to continue to make even more each day. From getting a gas tank off of a car to helping paint a house, there are always ways to help those around you. I would invite everyone this week to try and provide one act of kindness for someone else. It may be as simple as holding the door open for others, but I know that Heavenly Father often answers prayers through the actions of another person. Follow the promptings the Holy Spirit gives and continue to smile. Life is just too darn short to not see the light in things. There is always something to be grateful for, even our trials.

Love and miss you all,

Elder Wyatt

I got to ride in a boat :)

I was super duper safe on our drive home from Youth Conference! 

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