Thursday, July 31, 2014

6 More Weeks!

Hey everyone!

     This past week flew by but so much happened. I am going to try my best to recall it all but as always go easy on me! Last P-day was fun, back to bowling and relaxing at a park. It was really nice. I was climbing a tree and ripped my shirt :( Sad day but I am great at sewing so I shall fix it! Or I will be lazy and come up with a cool story about a dog, I have not decided yet but time will force my hand one day.

     We did some more service for Mary Vanderwall and Cindy Hunt. Lots of yard work which is slowly becoming a talent for me :) I am still trying to build a rock wall for Mary and it all draws from my Tetris skills and I am slowly turning it into a masterpiece. I have torn it down twice to build it back up better. After doing so I though about that principle and turned it into the message we shared with Mary. It is so true that often times in life we may find that we have been torn down of cut short. But it is key to remember that when those times come they are opportunities for us to build ourselves back up better. As Bruce Wayne asked by his father; "Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up." I hope and encourage everyone can take something away from this the simple thought.

     We went back and met with Kyle Rust again, whom, I do not recall how much I have mentioned but we saw someone who has been progressing really well to coming back to church. He has the weirdest cat in the world, I kid you not, this cat is so crazy. It will just jump on a table or a couch arm, then slowly lean till it falls off. I just do not get it, now this is not the point of me talking about him but man, I can not take my eyes off this cat when it is about to fall. Well, back to Kyle. We shared a conference talk and discussed it. It's so neat to see the light that comes to his face when he realizes how much he is loved and how that will never change. I know that each one of us are loved by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that they are always with us and promise all whom read this, that They are with you.

     We had a fantastic Baptism on Wednesday evening! Both Joel and Hilary Valdez were baptized by their father. It was so amazing. All of their extended family except 3 people where at it to show support. It was so great to see each of them show their love. I was so blessed to be able to be a part of it and smile every time I think of how happy the two children where when they came out of the water. They were confirmed right there so that everyone who came to visit from other places could sit in. It was so cool to have them all their. This was the first time the father had preformed any of these ordinances and it was so great to see him shift from nervous to confident and thankful. I will always remember that day.

     On Saturday we had a little event to celebrate Sis. Nordgrin hitting 18 months and going home, Elder Reber having completed 3/4 of his mission, Elder Dixon hitting his year mark, and I hit my 6 month mark. So we all burned some clothes to celebrate. It is a weird thing that missionaries do I guess, I had heard about it but always said I wasn't going to, but I got a tie at a thrift store I could part with so I lit it up :) We all had a ball. Sis Nordgrin and I both worked on our heal clicks haha, we finally mastered our timing after 3 goes at it. She is going home in two days and that blows my mind. We found out our transfer information and I will be staying in Canon City with Elder Reber for six more weeks. We also found out that we no longer have a car
but will be biking :( Its ok, I biked for 4.5 months and I can do it again for 6 weeks. It will be fun to be back on a bike but I will miss the nice AC and music. It is much easier to find people when you are on a bike so this will be a huge positive. Also a sister whom I came out with will be coming to the district I am in and that will be fun to serve with her. I haven't seen her really since the MTC. going to be a fun transfer.

      Lastly Church was great. Second ward hard a baptism and that was cool. I gave talk on holy ghost, I am much better at speaking now. I also taught the Elder Quorum lesson. It was on Elder Hollands last conference address about being a disciple of Christ. I loved the talk so was excited to be able to teach it. It is always so much fun to teach and talk because more often then not I learn from myself and I love learning. Each and every day we can all learn something, we can all progress. There may be times when it all seems small and feels like you accomplished little but truly a lesson can be found in the dust of our feet. I love each of you and encourage you all to continue to find joy. It may seem like I request it too often or even just repeat myself but I truly and wholeheartedly know that joy is to be found everywhere. Make this week the best week of your life, then make it better. I want each of you to be yourself, but I want you to be your best self.

With love,
Elder Wyatt

1. This is Mary and Me!
2. The Core Family
3. The WHOLE family!! (I am hiding like Waldo)
4. Neat sunset
5. We made a fake body with the clothes we burned
6. Heel clicking masters!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hold Fast to the Rod!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

     Well, it was very exciting to make that above line. I hope that brings as much joy to other who will read it as it did to me when I wrote it. I think I am pretty clever. Last week was a blast. They always seem to be, but I can not help but find even more joy with every day I have been blessed with. For our P-day excursions we went to a jail museum in town, now you know that was a party :) It was a lot of fun, more then I expected. We went with one of the investigators we had and his family and it was a neat time to get to know each other.  I also learned more then I ever though I would about jails. Fun fact, I would not ever want to be put in jail. So if they try, I am breaking out. I will use my knowledge from Monte Cristo (I cannot spell that, so go easy on me please) and escape. It will be perfect. I am digression. We had a lot of fun there and then we went and played some board games. A game called Settlers of Catain, it was a sad day for me because Sister Nordgren beat me! arg, but it was fun and that is the important part. It was a great day to just relax and be silly.

     We had our baptismal interviews and everyone passed! This Wednesday we will be have the baptism. It looks like everything will go according to plans but it never hurts to be safe. We are going to continue to be supportive and helpful in anyway we can but I am stay positive about it. I think the most nervous one is the father because he has never baptized or confirmed. It was be an awesome experience for the whole family. I am glad I have been able to be a part of this and that I have been able to create such great friendships with the family.

     One of our member who is working back to activity made me a blanket. Its awesome and now it keeps me the perfect temperature at night. I washed it first do not worry. It is always so funny when we teach her because she has several marijuana plants. We sit and read Abraham and its just the weirdest scenario I could have imagine. On the upside I am learning a lot from Abraham. Have I mastered it, no, but that's the point of life, to learn and to try to be better. A really cool quote I heard this past week that covers being better, I will include at the ending. I hope I can remember it right, if I can, oh well, life does goes on :)

     We met with one of the people we work with this past week, Shawn. He is a really nice man but always tells the craziest things. He told us all about how things are falling apart and we are about to have a civil war in the United States. I take it all with a grain of salt, but if that is the case, will someone let me know? I would keep doing what I would like to know.

     To end the week on a high note, I got to go to a Wedding! The same investigator who joined us for the museum got married this past Sunday. It was a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. A small and simple one. It was a ton of fun. They are got married because Joey is preparing for baptism this next Sunday! We helped set up and decorate. It was cool. The couple are both really nice are both eager to one day be seal in the temple. That's the best part in my opinion. It will be a year until they can but I believe they will make it.

     That is about all of the big things. The little things however have just as nice of an effect. Like when someone has to cancel an appointment but feels so bad that he rushes to try and set another one up. One can always find a positive, even if it seems like the world is only giving you negatives. I stubbed my toe on a door this morning that my companion put under his bed. It hurt but I couldn't stop laughing because last night he told my 5 times to be careful but when I jumped out of bed to get the alarm. I was oh so cold so I rushed back and hit it. I think that is a positive, and hey, at least I have toes right? The moral of my story is to stay positive and do not dwell on the bad. Dwelling helps no one and we can choose how we want to feel. I choose to be happy every single day, that was the best advice I was given and I encourage you all to follow it as well. I promise that everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it isn't over yet!

"Do your best,
Then learn whats better,
When you know better,
Do better"

Elder Wyatt

1.  I was trapped behind bars
2. Beautiful flowers I just had to snap a photo of
3. It's not even funny how we get stuck behind a bad driver like this
4. Toast at the wedding, I had the fanciest cup
5 & 6. Us and the Robinson family
7. Me performing a "heel-click"
8 & 9. Randoms
10. The Robinsons again

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whom Are Your Examples

Hey Everyone!

     This past week was a ball. On our last P-day, the two assistants to the president came down to Canon City to spend the day with us. It was a ton of fun because one of them is a good friend of mine, Elder Clark. He was my zone leader for the first half of my mission and became a very good friend. The two of them came down and went bowling with us to start. I love bowling so much so it would have really been a blast to play it each week. I am getting a little better each time as well so that's cool. We went to some thrift stores and I got the Lion King sound track for 99 cents :) I almost know all the songs by heart now. So great. We traveled back to the gorge because they wanted to see it and got some really cool photos. It was a really cool day to spend with some friends I had not seen in a while.

     To start the week off, we had an amazing lesson with the family whose two children are preparing for baptism. The father has been really nervous about it but the three of us missionaries bore our testimonies on the power that can come from the gospel and it was a very spiritual lesson. We went to the church and showed them the baptismal font and the clothes they would wear. It was neat to see how excited they were when they got to see it all. For now everything seems to be going really well with that family. I am thankful I have been able to get to know and teach them.

     Kyle Rust, I do not recall if I talked about him yet or not, is a member who is working on coming back to church. We went over and watched the talk, "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. It is one of my all time favorite talks and it was so great to share it with him. I was tearing up the whole time and so was Kyle. He told us how he had wished he could have heard that talk years ago. Better later then never in my opinion. The cherry on top was that he came to church this Sunday. First time in over 7 years! His father is a member of the bishopric and rushed over to him after the first hour to give him a hug. It was a really touching moment and its so nice to see the happiness that can come from one small simple act.

     Every Tuesday we go and do service for a sweet old lady, Mary. She has always been kind to us but never too interested in the Gospel, but we still love her and go over and help her. Last week we went over and she had a friend with her, Cindy, who need some service too. We went over this past Wednesday and help take out some dead tress and clean up/weed the yard. She fed us lunch and we got to get to know one another better. It was amazing how much she has been prepared for the gospel and we are going back this coming week. She is so kind and I cannot wait to help her out more!

     Last big story of the week is our dinner at the Ronco home. The husband is a member who has not been the church in a long time and his wife is currently investigating. We went over and had some dinner and it was sister Roncos birthday. Of all the things in the world, her husband got her a tazer for her birthday. Well, I wasn't going to touch that with a ten foot pole, but Elder Dixon became very curious. And after a lot of debating, he let him self get tazed. It was really funny and he was laughing so hard after it. We turned the corner and turned it into a gospel talk. It was a great chance to discuss some topics that can be confusing by explaining it with the tazer. We are going back tonight to teach some more. I am still not going to let myself get tazed.

     I have been asking myself a lot lately who are the examples I try to emulate. I have a handful of people who I try to be like and I have seen that when I take the active step to be more like the Savior, everything in my day goes a lot better. Things fall into place and the spirit is very strong and guides me to the best situations. I am so thankful for this glorious opportunity to serve and I am humbled each and everyday by the hand of the Lord. I know that this Church is true, I know that the work being done by missionaries around the world is the Lords work. I am thankful that this life is the chance for me to learn and grow and I take full advantage of that each and everyday. I hope that everyone too find the day to day motions as an opportunity to learn and grow!

Elder Wyatt

1. We made the fort even bigger. It now functions as its own room.
2. These Elders were really close to the edge!
3. We left the mission boundary for a short period. It was very exciting.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Shining Sun!

Hey Everyone one!

      I really need to think of a more exciting way to start my emails but I am not that clever so you all might be stuck with "Hi!" or "Hey" for the next year and a half. Maybe one day it will become the cool thing to start emails like that and I will just look awesome. This is all beside the point and not why you are here today, but thank you for indulging me and my weirdness. soo... Hi everyone, it was a great week in Canon City. Its nice and toasty now, a fun shift from those cold mornings when I woke to snow EVERYWHERE! I do not mind the heat, but I just wish it was cold in our apt at night. I can't have it all I guess but I do have a lot to tell about this past week!

      Well, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, its the day after the 3rd of July in case anyone is lost! I only tease, its all I got via email. For our holiday we woke up early for a flag raising at the church. It was really cool and then we had a huge breakfast, I ate way too many pancakes and sausages but it was soooo yummy. I have been trying to keep my body nice and healthy but I forgot about that last Friday and enjoyed my holiday! That is the point of them right? Well, I took it as that and I had a food baby in my belly all day. We joined a family for some BBQ and celebrating. Lots of fireworks. Little known fact, if there is anything remotely similar to an exploding bomb near my face that I was not prepared for, I scream like a little girl. Now, this is the manliest little girl scream ever but nonetheless I was surprised. The tables turned however when Elder Reber put a little firework in the families dog bowl and it exploded it and broke it. I was cracking up laughing but his face became very red. Over all it was a funny evening and we got plenty of fireworks to light up our skies, seriously, our neighbors just keep setting them off till 1 am. That I did not enjoy but all is well!

      We had a fantastic lesson with Josh Spencer. We had a Family Home Evening with him and his wife. It was Josh's duty to have an activity for us and he taught how to rope cattle. He is even going to give us our own ropes which I am very excited for. Everyone but one caught the calf first time with the rope, which was a miracle, but Elder Reber struggled at first but eventually got it, it was a fun night. We had a very powerful lesson with them to close the evening and he sent us a great text. (I will include a copy of the text in a photo.) He is excited about working towards baptism, it will take some time because of his circumstances but he has set the goal to do all that he can to return to the Church.

     We had the opportunity to meet our new mission president this past Wednesday. It was very exciting to hear more about him. I look forward to working with him and I know that the Lord has selected the best man for the job. He and his wife are both converts to the Church and it was neat to hear their stories. I learn something new every time I hear a conversion story.

     It was a great week and, like every email, it comes to an end but I will be back next Monday! Go missionary schedules. I love you all and hope that the beautiful things in life continue to find their way to each of you.

3 Nephi 5:13

Elder Wyatt

1.  super cool valley i snapped a shot of
2. me and my companion elder Reber 
3. This is skyline drive, its like a roller coaster for a car, so sweet
4. We were taking photos as a district and she walked in front of the camera, but do not worry, i did not waste the shot! 
5. I saw my mission mama! So we got lunch
6. We built a fort, why, because it is awesome! 
7. Hanging out on the fourth of July, my superman tie is the most american tie i have
8. This was the text from our investigator, really great to get!

New Shoes

Hey Everyone, again!

Well, I have now completed my first full week in Canon City. It was very excited and a lot happened/changed. Always in a good way, no point in dwelling on any of the bad things!

     To start, I have a new companion; Elder Dixon. He was one of the missionaries that was serving in second ward, but his companion had to go home due to medical reasons and because of that, the majority of our Wednesday/Thursday was helping him pack, cleaning out the empty apt, moving the other elder to our apt, traveling to springs, changing cars, traveling back, revamping our schedule and meetings to coincide with one an other, and all the while we try to get in as many lesions as we could. It has been really fun to be in a trio companionship. One of the coolest perks is that we can go to any appointment we want because we do not need another male present and that makes things a lot easier. Our bed room is quite cozy, and it smells simple fantastic, but i got some spray today to make up for the parts that do not smell as good :) I choose lemony linen, its great! We also now have many alarms that go off at 6:30 in the morning, i only need one but they insist on all 4, at least i do not sleep in :) Oh, we no longer have the jeep compass but now have mission frontier. Its a really nice truck but i prefer cars, glad i do not have to drive that huge thing. Well, that's a nice little update on our new situation, and we also are covering two wards now over 3 towns so we have lots of people to go out and meet.

     Last P-day, we went bowling and the A-C was out, so that ally got very hot, verry fast. It was still fun, and for a 1 dollar i was not complaining. They did get mad at me because i used the ball meant for little children. it is not my fault i bowl better with a very light ball haha, and it was pink so who wouldn't want to use that! We had a short road trip and traveled off too the view point that over looked this big bridge, I can not remember the name of it for the life of me but its what canon city is known for, it might be the"Royal Gorge" but do not quote me on that. What ever it may be, it was an awesome view, a 1000 foot drop from what they said, i stay nice and far away from the ledge. On the drive back we took a road called: Skyline drive, IT WAS AWESOME! It was this super skinny one way road that just went over the peek of a hill for a long time. I got a really cool video but it is too big to send :( one day it will appear online however!!! (Staying positive!) I do have some shot of it to send so check those out, me and my fear of bad drivers was very nervous for the man who was driving me but i am alive and well, for now.... I tease, he is a really great Elder. (Elder Reber, my original comp) We ended the day with some Frisbee golf, I wore my blue collared shirt with shorts and someone said it was weird, I took my dads advise from long ago: I smiled and said " I know, isn't it wonderful :)" It was so great to see her reaction. But i looked fantastic so she was crazy, I in tern, taught her about the gospel and got her number to teach, so that was a huge win.

     With all of the events and craziness, we did not get to teach as much as my heart wanted but we still had some good lessons. There is one family we teach that is currently returning from less-activity. The Robinsons, they are all really great, they now want to be sealed and their son is very interested in serving a mission. That was super awesome to hear and I look forward to continue to work with them. They were our dinner this past Sunday and after dinner they surprise me with a cake to celebrate my two year mark on being sober. I do not hit it until this coming Wednesday but this was their time to feed us so they did it then. It was so touching that they took the time to make a cake for me and that they even cared enough to celebrate my little event. It was really yummy cake, i splurged and had two slices :) My tummy was oh so appreciative. We had a great lesion to fallow that and that was just the icing one the cake :))) (I could not reset that little pun:)) [once more, always find those little moments of joy!]

     We had an interesting dinner on Saturday night. We went to a sister in second ward so I already felt like a duck at a swan party, but I just went in with a smile. (Best plan i know :)) So the lady asked us to grill for her, well you do not need 3 people to grill so i went a head and started to set the table, there as the 3 of us elders, then the two sisters who were feeding us. I set up all the place mats and such but could only find 4 chairs, i kept asking where i could get a 5 chair and she keep asking me "why? we do not need that many" well, i though she forgot that there were 3 elders instead of 2 so i keep looking and keep asking, finally i look at her to try and explain the number of us eating, and she was in a wheel chair. -_-, i had completely forgotten that she was in a wheel chair and didn't need a chair, i felt awful so i just apologized and we had a good laugh.

     Well that raps up the big things for this week. Last thing I want to talk about was Church. Be cause we now cover two wards, we go to both meetings. I am already the worlds worst person at names (hence why i call a lot of people the wrong name) So as I have been trying my very bestest to learn all the names of first ward, i now get to learn all the names from second ward! WOOT WOOT! I just say random names until they look, so far I have not met any snow's or Cinderella's or Elza's. maybe i should try names not from Disney, but they are sooooo goood. Anywho, it was really neat to be able to be at church for so long. Got to hear a lot of good talks and felt the spirit through the day, it was wonderful.

Over all it was a great week, they always seem to be great and that makes everything work it. I love each of you and hope that this little update mad you smile at least once. If not, read it again, at the end of the day, i think i am clever :) I hope that everyone embarks on this new week with their head held high and with no doubts, if you do seem to be doubting something, just say a quick prayer, a super cool trick i have picked up. The quote I included in my big email blast comes from my all time favorite talk. I will include a link to it and hope that some might find it as inspiring as i do. Know that things will always work out and that if it hasn't ended the way you wanted it to, its not over yet!


Elder Daniel Wyatt

My new address is:

Elder Wyatt
505 N. Diamond Ave. #7
Canon City, Co 81212

Here is a picture from a hike that Daniel went on.

New Fresh Air!

Hey everyone!

     I hope all is well and that things continue to go up and up and up, til it breaks the roof and goes up higher! That is what I believe every day should be like. Truly, there is so much to find joy and light in. I have seen a ton of it this past week and I know there will be much more out there waiting for me to find it!

     I left Sanford and am now in Cannon City but before I left I made sure to get some goodbyes in. Most of them were short and sweet but we got to teach the Bailey family one last time before we left. It was an amazing lesson. It was all about the family and then Elder Sagers and I each bore our closing and farewell testimonies. I hope that missionaries continue to go teach them and that the Spirit continues to fill them. I am looking forward to one day finding out about the families baptism but until them I will keep them in my prayers.

       Wednesday came fast and Transfers meeting even faster. I got to see a ton of my good friends and it was lots of fun to run around and hug some people. I spent a some time chatting with Elder Smith and it was awesome to see him again and get an update of things. He is a great missionary and everyone else says the same thing about him. I am in my new area, Canon City and with my new companion, Elder Reber. I live in an apartment still so that is the same but now we have a car! A blue jeep tempest is our car and it is very nice not to have to bike everywhere. Our area is so big that we couldn't easily bike it. The town is great and lots of non-members to talk to.

      One of the families we have been teaching is the Robinson's and their extended family. Some of the family are members of the church but the young ones are not so we have been going by to chat with them and they came to church this past Sunday and the children want to be baptized. It takes some time and we do not want to rush things but hopefully in July they will be ready. They are a sweet family and their Grandma is crazy but in the best way! The parents are also working towards being sealed together and that's really nice to be a part of.

Elder Reber and Diaz (last missionary who was here) were teaching a less-active family who's daughter was not baptized and she currently is planning on being baptized this july 22. I have only had the opportunity to meet her once but I hope I can help with any concerns that she might have but as far as things go right now. She is doing well. I do not feel like I have done anything really to help with her bur one day I might send back a photo of her when she is baptized, so keep an eye out for that one!

     We also went and meet up with a really cool guy who was once a member of the church but has since left. We helped him much a ton of mulch. Seriously, it was a whole trailer load, it took us so long and i smelled awful after words. To thank us he took us out to get pie and while we were out both Elder Reber and myself shared our personal conversion stories and testimonies. It was really powerful and at the whole time he was really into it and by the end he told us that we were the perfect two missionaries he has been waiting for! That was the highlight of my week and we had dinner with him the next day because he wanted to chat with us some more. He is planning on coming to church and working towards being baptized. He is very excited but it might take some time until he can be but we will continue to work with him whenever he calls us.

     This Sunday was my first time in the new ward and about 2 minutes before Sacrament meeting starting a member of the bishop brick approached me and ask me to speak because the youth speaker was not there. I of course said yes and about 15 minutes later I was up speaking to my new ward. I can check that one of my bucket list. As impromptu as it was for me, i do not think I did half bad. I just spoke about myself and then shared Mosiah 24:13-14 and then bore my personal experience with it and testimony. Lots of people came up to me after wards and I already feel very welcomed into the new ward.

Over all the past week was really busy and crazy in all the best ways. I am very excited to be in new area but also to continue to do what I love each and everyday. I am so thankful every morning and evening and owe it all to a simple invitation to come to church. I would encourage you all to make it a goal for this week to invite someone to church. If they say no, oh well, continue to be there friend. For those of you who are not of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint Faith, I would love to invite you all to go to an LDS service this weekend and see what all i talk about it. I promise you all that no matter who you are or where you may be in life. You have a loving Heavenly Father who will always be there when you need him. I have seen it many times in my life and know that we are never alone. I love you all so much and wish you an amazing week.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. St. Matthew 11:30

Elder Wyatt

1. Said goodbye to Troy, a great ward mission leader i had in sanford.
2. This is my mission posterity, hard to explain but the one in middle trained the next two and then they trained the next too. that one on far left is his very first day!
3. This was a good friend who forgot not to hug me and this great photo was caught in the midst of it all.
4. These were some of my first friends and another part of my "mission family'
5. We get big burger world every Friday, it was so good but it is the size of my head! 
6. The cats were so adorable but also so painful!