Thursday, July 31, 2014

6 More Weeks!

Hey everyone!

     This past week flew by but so much happened. I am going to try my best to recall it all but as always go easy on me! Last P-day was fun, back to bowling and relaxing at a park. It was really nice. I was climbing a tree and ripped my shirt :( Sad day but I am great at sewing so I shall fix it! Or I will be lazy and come up with a cool story about a dog, I have not decided yet but time will force my hand one day.

     We did some more service for Mary Vanderwall and Cindy Hunt. Lots of yard work which is slowly becoming a talent for me :) I am still trying to build a rock wall for Mary and it all draws from my Tetris skills and I am slowly turning it into a masterpiece. I have torn it down twice to build it back up better. After doing so I though about that principle and turned it into the message we shared with Mary. It is so true that often times in life we may find that we have been torn down of cut short. But it is key to remember that when those times come they are opportunities for us to build ourselves back up better. As Bruce Wayne asked by his father; "Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up." I hope and encourage everyone can take something away from this the simple thought.

     We went back and met with Kyle Rust again, whom, I do not recall how much I have mentioned but we saw someone who has been progressing really well to coming back to church. He has the weirdest cat in the world, I kid you not, this cat is so crazy. It will just jump on a table or a couch arm, then slowly lean till it falls off. I just do not get it, now this is not the point of me talking about him but man, I can not take my eyes off this cat when it is about to fall. Well, back to Kyle. We shared a conference talk and discussed it. It's so neat to see the light that comes to his face when he realizes how much he is loved and how that will never change. I know that each one of us are loved by our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that they are always with us and promise all whom read this, that They are with you.

     We had a fantastic Baptism on Wednesday evening! Both Joel and Hilary Valdez were baptized by their father. It was so amazing. All of their extended family except 3 people where at it to show support. It was so great to see each of them show their love. I was so blessed to be able to be a part of it and smile every time I think of how happy the two children where when they came out of the water. They were confirmed right there so that everyone who came to visit from other places could sit in. It was so cool to have them all their. This was the first time the father had preformed any of these ordinances and it was so great to see him shift from nervous to confident and thankful. I will always remember that day.

     On Saturday we had a little event to celebrate Sis. Nordgrin hitting 18 months and going home, Elder Reber having completed 3/4 of his mission, Elder Dixon hitting his year mark, and I hit my 6 month mark. So we all burned some clothes to celebrate. It is a weird thing that missionaries do I guess, I had heard about it but always said I wasn't going to, but I got a tie at a thrift store I could part with so I lit it up :) We all had a ball. Sis Nordgrin and I both worked on our heal clicks haha, we finally mastered our timing after 3 goes at it. She is going home in two days and that blows my mind. We found out our transfer information and I will be staying in Canon City with Elder Reber for six more weeks. We also found out that we no longer have a car
but will be biking :( Its ok, I biked for 4.5 months and I can do it again for 6 weeks. It will be fun to be back on a bike but I will miss the nice AC and music. It is much easier to find people when you are on a bike so this will be a huge positive. Also a sister whom I came out with will be coming to the district I am in and that will be fun to serve with her. I haven't seen her really since the MTC. going to be a fun transfer.

      Lastly Church was great. Second ward hard a baptism and that was cool. I gave talk on holy ghost, I am much better at speaking now. I also taught the Elder Quorum lesson. It was on Elder Hollands last conference address about being a disciple of Christ. I loved the talk so was excited to be able to teach it. It is always so much fun to teach and talk because more often then not I learn from myself and I love learning. Each and every day we can all learn something, we can all progress. There may be times when it all seems small and feels like you accomplished little but truly a lesson can be found in the dust of our feet. I love each of you and encourage you all to continue to find joy. It may seem like I request it too often or even just repeat myself but I truly and wholeheartedly know that joy is to be found everywhere. Make this week the best week of your life, then make it better. I want each of you to be yourself, but I want you to be your best self.

With love,
Elder Wyatt

1. This is Mary and Me!
2. The Core Family
3. The WHOLE family!! (I am hiding like Waldo)
4. Neat sunset
5. We made a fake body with the clothes we burned
6. Heel clicking masters!

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