Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hold Fast to the Rod!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

     Well, it was very exciting to make that above line. I hope that brings as much joy to other who will read it as it did to me when I wrote it. I think I am pretty clever. Last week was a blast. They always seem to be, but I can not help but find even more joy with every day I have been blessed with. For our P-day excursions we went to a jail museum in town, now you know that was a party :) It was a lot of fun, more then I expected. We went with one of the investigators we had and his family and it was a neat time to get to know each other.  I also learned more then I ever though I would about jails. Fun fact, I would not ever want to be put in jail. So if they try, I am breaking out. I will use my knowledge from Monte Cristo (I cannot spell that, so go easy on me please) and escape. It will be perfect. I am digression. We had a lot of fun there and then we went and played some board games. A game called Settlers of Catain, it was a sad day for me because Sister Nordgren beat me! arg, but it was fun and that is the important part. It was a great day to just relax and be silly.

     We had our baptismal interviews and everyone passed! This Wednesday we will be have the baptism. It looks like everything will go according to plans but it never hurts to be safe. We are going to continue to be supportive and helpful in anyway we can but I am stay positive about it. I think the most nervous one is the father because he has never baptized or confirmed. It was be an awesome experience for the whole family. I am glad I have been able to be a part of this and that I have been able to create such great friendships with the family.

     One of our member who is working back to activity made me a blanket. Its awesome and now it keeps me the perfect temperature at night. I washed it first do not worry. It is always so funny when we teach her because she has several marijuana plants. We sit and read Abraham and its just the weirdest scenario I could have imagine. On the upside I am learning a lot from Abraham. Have I mastered it, no, but that's the point of life, to learn and to try to be better. A really cool quote I heard this past week that covers being better, I will include at the ending. I hope I can remember it right, if I can, oh well, life does goes on :)

     We met with one of the people we work with this past week, Shawn. He is a really nice man but always tells the craziest things. He told us all about how things are falling apart and we are about to have a civil war in the United States. I take it all with a grain of salt, but if that is the case, will someone let me know? I would keep doing what I would like to know.

     To end the week on a high note, I got to go to a Wedding! The same investigator who joined us for the museum got married this past Sunday. It was a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. A small and simple one. It was a ton of fun. They are got married because Joey is preparing for baptism this next Sunday! We helped set up and decorate. It was cool. The couple are both really nice are both eager to one day be seal in the temple. That's the best part in my opinion. It will be a year until they can but I believe they will make it.

     That is about all of the big things. The little things however have just as nice of an effect. Like when someone has to cancel an appointment but feels so bad that he rushes to try and set another one up. One can always find a positive, even if it seems like the world is only giving you negatives. I stubbed my toe on a door this morning that my companion put under his bed. It hurt but I couldn't stop laughing because last night he told my 5 times to be careful but when I jumped out of bed to get the alarm. I was oh so cold so I rushed back and hit it. I think that is a positive, and hey, at least I have toes right? The moral of my story is to stay positive and do not dwell on the bad. Dwelling helps no one and we can choose how we want to feel. I choose to be happy every single day, that was the best advice I was given and I encourage you all to follow it as well. I promise that everything works out in the end. If it hasn't worked out, it isn't over yet!

"Do your best,
Then learn whats better,
When you know better,
Do better"

Elder Wyatt

1.  I was trapped behind bars
2. Beautiful flowers I just had to snap a photo of
3. It's not even funny how we get stuck behind a bad driver like this
4. Toast at the wedding, I had the fanciest cup
5 & 6. Us and the Robinson family
7. Me performing a "heel-click"
8 & 9. Randoms
10. The Robinsons again

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  1. Do the best you can
    Until you know better
    Then when you know better
    Do better
    - Maya Angelou

    I love you so very much Elder Wyatt!
    You are a perfect example every single day of doing the best you can! <3