Monday, July 7, 2014

New Shoes

Hey Everyone, again!

Well, I have now completed my first full week in Canon City. It was very excited and a lot happened/changed. Always in a good way, no point in dwelling on any of the bad things!

     To start, I have a new companion; Elder Dixon. He was one of the missionaries that was serving in second ward, but his companion had to go home due to medical reasons and because of that, the majority of our Wednesday/Thursday was helping him pack, cleaning out the empty apt, moving the other elder to our apt, traveling to springs, changing cars, traveling back, revamping our schedule and meetings to coincide with one an other, and all the while we try to get in as many lesions as we could. It has been really fun to be in a trio companionship. One of the coolest perks is that we can go to any appointment we want because we do not need another male present and that makes things a lot easier. Our bed room is quite cozy, and it smells simple fantastic, but i got some spray today to make up for the parts that do not smell as good :) I choose lemony linen, its great! We also now have many alarms that go off at 6:30 in the morning, i only need one but they insist on all 4, at least i do not sleep in :) Oh, we no longer have the jeep compass but now have mission frontier. Its a really nice truck but i prefer cars, glad i do not have to drive that huge thing. Well, that's a nice little update on our new situation, and we also are covering two wards now over 3 towns so we have lots of people to go out and meet.

     Last P-day, we went bowling and the A-C was out, so that ally got very hot, verry fast. It was still fun, and for a 1 dollar i was not complaining. They did get mad at me because i used the ball meant for little children. it is not my fault i bowl better with a very light ball haha, and it was pink so who wouldn't want to use that! We had a short road trip and traveled off too the view point that over looked this big bridge, I can not remember the name of it for the life of me but its what canon city is known for, it might be the"Royal Gorge" but do not quote me on that. What ever it may be, it was an awesome view, a 1000 foot drop from what they said, i stay nice and far away from the ledge. On the drive back we took a road called: Skyline drive, IT WAS AWESOME! It was this super skinny one way road that just went over the peek of a hill for a long time. I got a really cool video but it is too big to send :( one day it will appear online however!!! (Staying positive!) I do have some shot of it to send so check those out, me and my fear of bad drivers was very nervous for the man who was driving me but i am alive and well, for now.... I tease, he is a really great Elder. (Elder Reber, my original comp) We ended the day with some Frisbee golf, I wore my blue collared shirt with shorts and someone said it was weird, I took my dads advise from long ago: I smiled and said " I know, isn't it wonderful :)" It was so great to see her reaction. But i looked fantastic so she was crazy, I in tern, taught her about the gospel and got her number to teach, so that was a huge win.

     With all of the events and craziness, we did not get to teach as much as my heart wanted but we still had some good lessons. There is one family we teach that is currently returning from less-activity. The Robinsons, they are all really great, they now want to be sealed and their son is very interested in serving a mission. That was super awesome to hear and I look forward to continue to work with them. They were our dinner this past Sunday and after dinner they surprise me with a cake to celebrate my two year mark on being sober. I do not hit it until this coming Wednesday but this was their time to feed us so they did it then. It was so touching that they took the time to make a cake for me and that they even cared enough to celebrate my little event. It was really yummy cake, i splurged and had two slices :) My tummy was oh so appreciative. We had a great lesion to fallow that and that was just the icing one the cake :))) (I could not reset that little pun:)) [once more, always find those little moments of joy!]

     We had an interesting dinner on Saturday night. We went to a sister in second ward so I already felt like a duck at a swan party, but I just went in with a smile. (Best plan i know :)) So the lady asked us to grill for her, well you do not need 3 people to grill so i went a head and started to set the table, there as the 3 of us elders, then the two sisters who were feeding us. I set up all the place mats and such but could only find 4 chairs, i kept asking where i could get a 5 chair and she keep asking me "why? we do not need that many" well, i though she forgot that there were 3 elders instead of 2 so i keep looking and keep asking, finally i look at her to try and explain the number of us eating, and she was in a wheel chair. -_-, i had completely forgotten that she was in a wheel chair and didn't need a chair, i felt awful so i just apologized and we had a good laugh.

     Well that raps up the big things for this week. Last thing I want to talk about was Church. Be cause we now cover two wards, we go to both meetings. I am already the worlds worst person at names (hence why i call a lot of people the wrong name) So as I have been trying my very bestest to learn all the names of first ward, i now get to learn all the names from second ward! WOOT WOOT! I just say random names until they look, so far I have not met any snow's or Cinderella's or Elza's. maybe i should try names not from Disney, but they are sooooo goood. Anywho, it was really neat to be able to be at church for so long. Got to hear a lot of good talks and felt the spirit through the day, it was wonderful.

Over all it was a great week, they always seem to be great and that makes everything work it. I love each of you and hope that this little update mad you smile at least once. If not, read it again, at the end of the day, i think i am clever :) I hope that everyone embarks on this new week with their head held high and with no doubts, if you do seem to be doubting something, just say a quick prayer, a super cool trick i have picked up. The quote I included in my big email blast comes from my all time favorite talk. I will include a link to it and hope that some might find it as inspiring as i do. Know that things will always work out and that if it hasn't ended the way you wanted it to, its not over yet!


Elder Daniel Wyatt

My new address is:

Elder Wyatt
505 N. Diamond Ave. #7
Canon City, Co 81212

Here is a picture from a hike that Daniel went on.

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