Monday, July 7, 2014

Shining Sun!

Hey Everyone one!

      I really need to think of a more exciting way to start my emails but I am not that clever so you all might be stuck with "Hi!" or "Hey" for the next year and a half. Maybe one day it will become the cool thing to start emails like that and I will just look awesome. This is all beside the point and not why you are here today, but thank you for indulging me and my weirdness. soo... Hi everyone, it was a great week in Canon City. Its nice and toasty now, a fun shift from those cold mornings when I woke to snow EVERYWHERE! I do not mind the heat, but I just wish it was cold in our apt at night. I can't have it all I guess but I do have a lot to tell about this past week!

      Well, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, its the day after the 3rd of July in case anyone is lost! I only tease, its all I got via email. For our holiday we woke up early for a flag raising at the church. It was really cool and then we had a huge breakfast, I ate way too many pancakes and sausages but it was soooo yummy. I have been trying to keep my body nice and healthy but I forgot about that last Friday and enjoyed my holiday! That is the point of them right? Well, I took it as that and I had a food baby in my belly all day. We joined a family for some BBQ and celebrating. Lots of fireworks. Little known fact, if there is anything remotely similar to an exploding bomb near my face that I was not prepared for, I scream like a little girl. Now, this is the manliest little girl scream ever but nonetheless I was surprised. The tables turned however when Elder Reber put a little firework in the families dog bowl and it exploded it and broke it. I was cracking up laughing but his face became very red. Over all it was a funny evening and we got plenty of fireworks to light up our skies, seriously, our neighbors just keep setting them off till 1 am. That I did not enjoy but all is well!

      We had a fantastic lesson with Josh Spencer. We had a Family Home Evening with him and his wife. It was Josh's duty to have an activity for us and he taught how to rope cattle. He is even going to give us our own ropes which I am very excited for. Everyone but one caught the calf first time with the rope, which was a miracle, but Elder Reber struggled at first but eventually got it, it was a fun night. We had a very powerful lesson with them to close the evening and he sent us a great text. (I will include a copy of the text in a photo.) He is excited about working towards baptism, it will take some time because of his circumstances but he has set the goal to do all that he can to return to the Church.

     We had the opportunity to meet our new mission president this past Wednesday. It was very exciting to hear more about him. I look forward to working with him and I know that the Lord has selected the best man for the job. He and his wife are both converts to the Church and it was neat to hear their stories. I learn something new every time I hear a conversion story.

     It was a great week and, like every email, it comes to an end but I will be back next Monday! Go missionary schedules. I love you all and hope that the beautiful things in life continue to find their way to each of you.

3 Nephi 5:13

Elder Wyatt

1.  super cool valley i snapped a shot of
2. me and my companion elder Reber 
3. This is skyline drive, its like a roller coaster for a car, so sweet
4. We were taking photos as a district and she walked in front of the camera, but do not worry, i did not waste the shot! 
5. I saw my mission mama! So we got lunch
6. We built a fort, why, because it is awesome! 
7. Hanging out on the fourth of July, my superman tie is the most american tie i have
8. This was the text from our investigator, really great to get!

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