Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whom Are Your Examples

Hey Everyone!

     This past week was a ball. On our last P-day, the two assistants to the president came down to Canon City to spend the day with us. It was a ton of fun because one of them is a good friend of mine, Elder Clark. He was my zone leader for the first half of my mission and became a very good friend. The two of them came down and went bowling with us to start. I love bowling so much so it would have really been a blast to play it each week. I am getting a little better each time as well so that's cool. We went to some thrift stores and I got the Lion King sound track for 99 cents :) I almost know all the songs by heart now. So great. We traveled back to the gorge because they wanted to see it and got some really cool photos. It was a really cool day to spend with some friends I had not seen in a while.

     To start the week off, we had an amazing lesson with the family whose two children are preparing for baptism. The father has been really nervous about it but the three of us missionaries bore our testimonies on the power that can come from the gospel and it was a very spiritual lesson. We went to the church and showed them the baptismal font and the clothes they would wear. It was neat to see how excited they were when they got to see it all. For now everything seems to be going really well with that family. I am thankful I have been able to get to know and teach them.

     Kyle Rust, I do not recall if I talked about him yet or not, is a member who is working on coming back to church. We went over and watched the talk, "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. It is one of my all time favorite talks and it was so great to share it with him. I was tearing up the whole time and so was Kyle. He told us how he had wished he could have heard that talk years ago. Better later then never in my opinion. The cherry on top was that he came to church this Sunday. First time in over 7 years! His father is a member of the bishopric and rushed over to him after the first hour to give him a hug. It was a really touching moment and its so nice to see the happiness that can come from one small simple act.

     Every Tuesday we go and do service for a sweet old lady, Mary. She has always been kind to us but never too interested in the Gospel, but we still love her and go over and help her. Last week we went over and she had a friend with her, Cindy, who need some service too. We went over this past Wednesday and help take out some dead tress and clean up/weed the yard. She fed us lunch and we got to get to know one another better. It was amazing how much she has been prepared for the gospel and we are going back this coming week. She is so kind and I cannot wait to help her out more!

     Last big story of the week is our dinner at the Ronco home. The husband is a member who has not been the church in a long time and his wife is currently investigating. We went over and had some dinner and it was sister Roncos birthday. Of all the things in the world, her husband got her a tazer for her birthday. Well, I wasn't going to touch that with a ten foot pole, but Elder Dixon became very curious. And after a lot of debating, he let him self get tazed. It was really funny and he was laughing so hard after it. We turned the corner and turned it into a gospel talk. It was a great chance to discuss some topics that can be confusing by explaining it with the tazer. We are going back tonight to teach some more. I am still not going to let myself get tazed.

     I have been asking myself a lot lately who are the examples I try to emulate. I have a handful of people who I try to be like and I have seen that when I take the active step to be more like the Savior, everything in my day goes a lot better. Things fall into place and the spirit is very strong and guides me to the best situations. I am so thankful for this glorious opportunity to serve and I am humbled each and everyday by the hand of the Lord. I know that this Church is true, I know that the work being done by missionaries around the world is the Lords work. I am thankful that this life is the chance for me to learn and grow and I take full advantage of that each and everyday. I hope that everyone too find the day to day motions as an opportunity to learn and grow!

Elder Wyatt

1. We made the fort even bigger. It now functions as its own room.
2. These Elders were really close to the edge!
3. We left the mission boundary for a short period. It was very exciting.

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