Friday, August 29, 2014

Clean Hands

This past week was great. Lots of fun from the start. Last Monday we were up in springs and were able to spend the day with tons of missionaries from our Zone and a few extras who filled in. We went to a huge library to email which was a first for me. People give us the weirdest looks. I think they could all smell my great deodorant and wanted to know what brand it was :) It was really fun because of all people, I ran into Elder Smith and we sat with each other and caught up as we emailed. Really great to see him. He got me some birthday gifts too so that was a nice surprise. We meet up again later with a lot of other missionaries for games at the park. We played capture the flag and a form of baseball. It was really fun and I have not had that since I was in Sanford. We had a pull up contest in which I fought so valiant in but lost :( Its ok, now I have room to improve :) We got dinner at Panda Panda so now I can say I have had it twice over the course of my mission. It was so yummy. Really good Monday to let lose and relax. Felt refreshed and ready to teach the Gospel.

     The relaxing payed of and we  had a fantastic lesson this week with one of our new investigators. Clint is Brother Mauldins neighbor. (The one who lives up in the mountain) We meet him the last time we went up to help Bro. Mauldin with service and he was a nice man. He took us up on our offer of Service and a lesson and we embarked back into the mountain. We helped him move longs down the side of his land and stack it. We had a big fireman's chain and ropes to guide the logs as they rolled. To my surprise the system worked great and it was a breeze to move the logs. I was thankful I was wrong :) Clint took us around the land and showed us all of the eatable plants. I was daring on a few of them but I let Elder Reber try the bulk of the plants. After our walk we had lunch and our lesson. It went great. He agreed with all that we shared and accepted a Book of Mormon. He was open to simply praying and asking God if it was true so I really hope that he does! The ball is in his court, I know he will receive an answer, but one must ask.

     I had a question I needed to ask a dentist when I was on exchanges with another missionary, we got to visit a dentist in our ward. I found out I have 1 cavity :( but that is not the end of world, he said I do a great job brushing and flossing but I brush too hard. Of all things I did not know I could brush too hard. I have a bad track record with dentist however and this was a good report if you ask me. It was a really great day to learn. I was with Elder Linares (not spelled right I am sure) and we went out to share the gospel together. He is a great missionary and I picked up a lot from his style of teaching that I hope I can match in my own little way. Always improving or at least trying to, it is all I can do at end of the day and I am satisfied when I know I worked hard.

     Everyday this week I worked hard and I saw some great success. I ate cake with my face and I woke very early to see the sun rise once more to yoga. I finish a whole set of one of my work outs and I have been trying to reach that goal for two weeks. I am gaining more weight then I am comfortable with but everyone tells me I need it so I allow it. I had a man teach me about how the human body works, with diagrams, and it was one of the weirdest dinners of my mission. However, the lasagna was great:) I got to drive a car (which I never get to do) and I put my hand on Elder Linares leg. I saw a bunny poop on elder Reber after he fed is food :) I said something very stupid and wished I had a V8 as I hit my self in head and I did 5 hand stand push ups this morning. More often then not however I saw miraculous things occur before mine eyes. I could fill pages of emails with the times I have seen the Lord's hand in my life. I do not want to keep you all here however so to close I want to include how this Gospel,

     The Gospel of Jesus Christ has taught me and helped me grow. I am so blessed and so grateful for all the friends, family, and strangers whom I have learned from and for the opportunity I have been given to grow. That is why we are all hear. To learn and to grow, small steps everyday or if were lucky we land on a roller coast that teaches us bus loads. Today makes my 7th month in the mission. It is going by so fast and I have learned so much. I look back on my life and am so thankful I am the person I am today. I am far from perfect but working towards a brighter tomorrow. I know that there are times when we may feel lost, or that we are stuck in a rut but when these moments come, these can often be the best teaching moments, when we are humble enough to accept change, I encourage and invite everyone to strive to learn something new, then apply it to your life. I love each of you and I promise you that things always work out. Do not lose hope, do not lose faith, do not let go of your dreams. You have control of your life, do not give in because of anyone else. You will always regret that and regret is stupid.

Elder Wyatt

Not A Teen

     Hey friends and family, this past week was a really nice week. So many times when I was laughing and smiling so much that I couldn't see, I do this weird thing where i lean back when I laugh, do not know what but whoot whoot! Last P-day we had out dreams crushed when the bowling ally was close, sad day, but alas, we turned it into a really fun time by playing some apples to apples. A game I have not plays in a while, it was really great. But I played the perfect card but the picker did not agree. I want all of your thoughts on it. The green card was "misunderstood" so I looked at my hand and I played "Helen Keller." I was laughing so hard when it was face down. I thought that it was the perfect card to describe "misunderstood" but nope :( that's ok, I still was cracking up about it and that was the best part :) It is always so fun to just be silly and I am really good at it :) I lost the game but I had some funny cards to describe me. We say our goodbyes and prepared for Tuesday because we had a long day of service.

     Our Service, although tiring, was a ton of fun and we got to spend it with a really cool member. Brother Mauldin is a member in our ward who lives up in the mountains. He picked us up early Tuesday morning and we did a lot of fire prevention around his cabin. It was great because we brought with us someone who is preparing for a mission and the more hands the better. Brother Maldin was Admiral in the navy, two star, and he is great to chat with. It was really neat because he had a huge metal weed whacker that could cut through trees like butter. Really made things move fast. We also saw some great missionary luck because his neighbor whom we take the branches to was really open to us talking about the Gospel. We set up a time to come back and this Wednesday we will be back on the mountains and teaching with brother Mauldin. Its was so great because so much good can come from the little things we do. No intent other then to chop some trees and now was have a new investigator.

     With little things, great things can be accomplished. I see it every day and that is a great principle to remind ourselves of often. A family whom we have been teaching and helping get back into activity, the Le Mays, have two unbaptized children. The parents really want to get more active and help the children come to church too. It is funny cause our last baptism was a less active family with two children unbaptized and they were the La Mays. One letter apart but other then that so similar. We taught them (just the parents) the plan of salvation, and it became a great lesson but much of it was focus on the need to act, which was great for parents but funny to teach. They were excited to work hard with they children so we were not fighting it. It gives us the chances to sit back and breath, relaxing as it all works out.

     On Friday morning we really had a wonderful opportunity to relax. We woke up at 5:20 and heading to skyline drive. It was that really cool road up on the top of a hill. I believe I have talked about it before. We got up there before the sun came up. Laid out our yoga mats and did some sunrise yoga. It was so refreshing and peaceful. I loved it and we now have a scheduled more days in future. I got some great photos.

     Speaking of great photos, we joined the ward for a ward camp out on Friday and the sky was so beautiful. The ward had a fireside during a rain storm and when the testimony part of it opened up to everyone. The sky cleared and there was a fantastic rainbow. So beautiful. There was a long pause after the first speaker so I jumped in and shared my little thoughts on it all. I taught from Moroni 1:3. It is an invitation for us all not to deny the Christ. I know I never will and I bore the best testimony I could about it. Lots of s'mores and that might have been my favorite part :)

     I had a ton of junk food this past week, so many s'mores I believe I might just turn into one. On Saturday I ate the most junk food I have in a long time because it was my birthday. We went to Zarahara for breakfast, a recent convert who we help with and she cooks us breakfast. To my surprise the outside was decorated with birthday things and a some ding dong with a match in it for my cake. It was so sweet for the sisters and her to set that up. The day continued to be a blast as we worked. For dinner a member in the ward made me my favorite dinner and dessert. So yummy. I do not have photos of it all but i will next week, my camera was in a car and i used Elder Rebers for most of it, so stay tuned in! I am now 20 and still a child at heart! Never to grow up but always to grow!

     To close I will share what I grew from over this past week. For Mission prep we taught about Christlike Attributes and it was taught to us during Zone Training. So I want to share that with you all because it has been such a focus fir me. In preach my gospel (it is on for those who have not a copy) there is a section where we all can find out strengths and where we need to improve to become more like Christ. I am currently working on "Hope" I find however that as I have been fallowing the direction of Church leaders and reading scriptures. I am improving myself every day and its so great to see the progress that can come from try. Remember to always try and never give up. Life is to short and no one is remember for doing the easy thing. I love you all so much but more importantly, Our Savoir loves you and always will. Until we meet again.

Elder Wyatt

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Priesthood Blesses Lives

Hey everyone,

     This past week was really nice, we went to a park after we emailed last week and soaked up the sun till it turned into a storm and we went inside. We played a game of monopoly and it was really fun, been a while since I have played it. the game had to be cut short cause we did not have the time but that was nice because then no one felt like they one and there was no contention. I liked it at least. Always so nice to be able to enjoy friends. It was really funny because as we were playing  the game, the dog whom belonged to the home felt it necessary to poop right next to the table. It was very smelly. We all rolled to see who had to pick it up and it fell on Elder Jolly. I felt bad so I helped him and before you knew it, all was well. The evening came and we embarked for our last appointment of the day.

     We had a FHE with Josh Spencer. We all played volley ball. Now the storm had cleared up by now which was nice but it turned the soft sand into a hard sand. We did what we could to break the top layer of crust but it still was like playing on knives. I will tell you, my feet were super soft after wards. We had a fun lesson taught by Elder Jolly and it was neat to see him teach. I remember back when I was new and I am glad that I had the opportunities to learn and grow to help get me to where I am now.

     One thing that has come such a far way is my confidence to give blessings. By when I was first being trained I was always so nervous to pray, afraid I might say something wrong, let alone blessings... However, the mission has taught me so much in the short time I have been out. Now I can bless without a drop of fear. It came in handy on Tuesday because a member called us and asked us to give her daughter a blessing before she had to go up to springs for an MRI. We came by and gave the blessing and it went without a hitch. Normally that is were the story ends but this one goes on, for the fallowing afternoon we received a phone call from the mother informing us that her daughter got the results back and it showed no tumors. Which was a big surprise because last time it came up that she had 9 tumors! No one knows why or were they have gone but that was a really big testimony builder for me. I still had little tears of joy in my eyes when we got to the Valdes home for a lesson.

     It was a really funny lesson. The Valdes is the family whose two children were baptized not too long ago and we went back to teach the new member lessons. It was fun because we are all really close with the family and we are comfortable with them. During the First lesson, there is a point where one is to say Joseph Smiths first vision. Well, because there were three of us, we brought a member from the ward. We had some fun with it. Keven Price, who was the member was stating the first vision. As Elder Reber hummed the hymn "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" as I acted out the even on the floor in the middle of the room. It was so great. The kids loved it and I doubt they will ever forget the first vision which is good because its the whole point we taught them that way. Teaching to peoples' needs, that's the trick :)

     This week was filled with tons of little surprises, one interesting moment was as we were teaching a woman we had walked by, she told us she couldn't be baptized, we asked why and to our surprise; she turned around, lifted her shirt, and pulled her pants down. She was showing a scar from back injuries but she also showed us a full moon, Elder Reber and I held it together but we we were far enough away the both of us couldn't hold back the laughter. That was a little moment I won't soon forget, although I would not be heart broken if I did.

     There are my highlights and I hope they highlight something for you. Know that thousands of these moments of joy come to all of us and we just need to keep our eyes out for them. It would be far to easy to just point out the negatives and complain about the rain, but remember which every rain storm there is a rainbow at the end. Like this when times in are lives feel as though we are getting nothing but bad luck, we need to remember what positives come out of a situation. Even if it is something as simple as a lesson learned for the future. I promise that a positive outlook can change any situation and bring light to every dark corner.

For more tips on how to find joy in negative situations, read or listen or even watch this talk:

Elder Wyatt

A Brand New Car

Hey Everyone!

     Been a really good week. Last p-day we hiked to Guffy Falls. super short hike but really pretty. We hiked past the falls cause we wanted a longer hike and ended up just hanging out on some rocks. Its was so nice because there was a light cool rain as we were hiking. It was so peaceful and refreshing. It did make the rocks wet and somewhat slippery but we were extra careful. Elder Dixon and I wanted to go in the water so we just took our shoes off and walked a little bit. It was really something. Our last day with sister Nordgrin because on Tuesday she finished her 18 months and finished her mission. Weird to say good bye to a good friend but its a new opportunity to make more friends.

     Transfers were last Tuesday. We drove up to springs and I got to see some good friends, always so nice to be able to catch up with some friends. Elder Smith was called as a zone leader and that makes me so happy. He is the best one in the mission in my opinion, but I can be bias :) We met Elder Dixion's new missionary. his name is Elder Jolly, super tall white guy from Idaho. Kinda what your stereotypical missionary would look like haha. He is a good kid, I haven't really been about to spend all that much time with him but from what I do know he is good. We were back in Canon City and ready for the 6 weeks of biking.

     Our First day back in the city, there was a huge storm. Needless to say we put on our helmets and embarked out into the storm. I got absolutely drenched, it was awesome :)  We biked all over town, up and down hill, on roads and muddy trails. Really just a invigorating day. As we were biking past a grocery store I saw a man pushing a tuck with his friend trying to start it. So Elder Reber and I pulled over to help. Elder Rebers back was hurting so I just puch. We pushed it around and Around in the parking lot as the drops of rain hit our faces. My hands were numb and I truly didn't care. It was a great opportunity to meet someone and just help. I bet I looked great it a tie pushing that car :)

     The following day we went to help Cindy Hunt with her yard some more. We pulled out some trees and I felt like Arthur pulling out swords. Its was so funny. Elder Reber, Kyle (our fellowship), and I had a fun little tree trunk fight :) At the end of it we spent some time talking with Cindy and she asked us for a Book of Mormon. It was awesome. As we talked we talked a lot about the strength Heavenly Father can give us and we gave her a blessing before we left. Its was so great to be able to see the gospel slowly growing inside her. I was so thankful to be able to be there and to bless her. Little moments like that afternoon really are something special.

     This past fast Sunday, Mary Vanderwall came to church and she bore her testimony. Now Mary is our 78 year old investigator and is like a firecracker. It is so much fun to talk with her because she is a riot. Now I was very nervous that she might say some french words in the chapel but she was great. A ton of people wanted to talk with her afterwards it was so neat to see.

     Over all it was a great week. We got a truck on Friday, it was a nice little surprise. It look like this will be an amazing transfer. I hope that everyone too finds great joy in these coming days. I know that there is always something to be thankful for. I talked about my adventures in the Storm and even though I was cold, wet, tired, finding no success it was truly a joy to be out and working. I know there can be days where it seems like we are getting nothing done but every step is a step. I heard a talk called "Rough start, Great Finish" by, John Bytheway. I really recommend it to everyone. Just remember to stay strong when the road gets bumpy. It is a straight and narrow path after all. And as tough of a hike it would be to walk a straight and narrow path we got this amazing Rod of Iron to hold on to so I hope and encourage you all to grasp it tightly.

With Love,
Elder Wyatt