Friday, August 15, 2014

A Brand New Car

Hey Everyone!

     Been a really good week. Last p-day we hiked to Guffy Falls. super short hike but really pretty. We hiked past the falls cause we wanted a longer hike and ended up just hanging out on some rocks. Its was so nice because there was a light cool rain as we were hiking. It was so peaceful and refreshing. It did make the rocks wet and somewhat slippery but we were extra careful. Elder Dixon and I wanted to go in the water so we just took our shoes off and walked a little bit. It was really something. Our last day with sister Nordgrin because on Tuesday she finished her 18 months and finished her mission. Weird to say good bye to a good friend but its a new opportunity to make more friends.

     Transfers were last Tuesday. We drove up to springs and I got to see some good friends, always so nice to be able to catch up with some friends. Elder Smith was called as a zone leader and that makes me so happy. He is the best one in the mission in my opinion, but I can be bias :) We met Elder Dixion's new missionary. his name is Elder Jolly, super tall white guy from Idaho. Kinda what your stereotypical missionary would look like haha. He is a good kid, I haven't really been about to spend all that much time with him but from what I do know he is good. We were back in Canon City and ready for the 6 weeks of biking.

     Our First day back in the city, there was a huge storm. Needless to say we put on our helmets and embarked out into the storm. I got absolutely drenched, it was awesome :)  We biked all over town, up and down hill, on roads and muddy trails. Really just a invigorating day. As we were biking past a grocery store I saw a man pushing a tuck with his friend trying to start it. So Elder Reber and I pulled over to help. Elder Rebers back was hurting so I just puch. We pushed it around and Around in the parking lot as the drops of rain hit our faces. My hands were numb and I truly didn't care. It was a great opportunity to meet someone and just help. I bet I looked great it a tie pushing that car :)

     The following day we went to help Cindy Hunt with her yard some more. We pulled out some trees and I felt like Arthur pulling out swords. Its was so funny. Elder Reber, Kyle (our fellowship), and I had a fun little tree trunk fight :) At the end of it we spent some time talking with Cindy and she asked us for a Book of Mormon. It was awesome. As we talked we talked a lot about the strength Heavenly Father can give us and we gave her a blessing before we left. Its was so great to be able to see the gospel slowly growing inside her. I was so thankful to be able to be there and to bless her. Little moments like that afternoon really are something special.

     This past fast Sunday, Mary Vanderwall came to church and she bore her testimony. Now Mary is our 78 year old investigator and is like a firecracker. It is so much fun to talk with her because she is a riot. Now I was very nervous that she might say some french words in the chapel but she was great. A ton of people wanted to talk with her afterwards it was so neat to see.

     Over all it was a great week. We got a truck on Friday, it was a nice little surprise. It look like this will be an amazing transfer. I hope that everyone too finds great joy in these coming days. I know that there is always something to be thankful for. I talked about my adventures in the Storm and even though I was cold, wet, tired, finding no success it was truly a joy to be out and working. I know there can be days where it seems like we are getting nothing done but every step is a step. I heard a talk called "Rough start, Great Finish" by, John Bytheway. I really recommend it to everyone. Just remember to stay strong when the road gets bumpy. It is a straight and narrow path after all. And as tough of a hike it would be to walk a straight and narrow path we got this amazing Rod of Iron to hold on to so I hope and encourage you all to grasp it tightly.

With Love,
Elder Wyatt

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