Friday, August 29, 2014

Clean Hands

This past week was great. Lots of fun from the start. Last Monday we were up in springs and were able to spend the day with tons of missionaries from our Zone and a few extras who filled in. We went to a huge library to email which was a first for me. People give us the weirdest looks. I think they could all smell my great deodorant and wanted to know what brand it was :) It was really fun because of all people, I ran into Elder Smith and we sat with each other and caught up as we emailed. Really great to see him. He got me some birthday gifts too so that was a nice surprise. We meet up again later with a lot of other missionaries for games at the park. We played capture the flag and a form of baseball. It was really fun and I have not had that since I was in Sanford. We had a pull up contest in which I fought so valiant in but lost :( Its ok, now I have room to improve :) We got dinner at Panda Panda so now I can say I have had it twice over the course of my mission. It was so yummy. Really good Monday to let lose and relax. Felt refreshed and ready to teach the Gospel.

     The relaxing payed of and we  had a fantastic lesson this week with one of our new investigators. Clint is Brother Mauldins neighbor. (The one who lives up in the mountain) We meet him the last time we went up to help Bro. Mauldin with service and he was a nice man. He took us up on our offer of Service and a lesson and we embarked back into the mountain. We helped him move longs down the side of his land and stack it. We had a big fireman's chain and ropes to guide the logs as they rolled. To my surprise the system worked great and it was a breeze to move the logs. I was thankful I was wrong :) Clint took us around the land and showed us all of the eatable plants. I was daring on a few of them but I let Elder Reber try the bulk of the plants. After our walk we had lunch and our lesson. It went great. He agreed with all that we shared and accepted a Book of Mormon. He was open to simply praying and asking God if it was true so I really hope that he does! The ball is in his court, I know he will receive an answer, but one must ask.

     I had a question I needed to ask a dentist when I was on exchanges with another missionary, we got to visit a dentist in our ward. I found out I have 1 cavity :( but that is not the end of world, he said I do a great job brushing and flossing but I brush too hard. Of all things I did not know I could brush too hard. I have a bad track record with dentist however and this was a good report if you ask me. It was a really great day to learn. I was with Elder Linares (not spelled right I am sure) and we went out to share the gospel together. He is a great missionary and I picked up a lot from his style of teaching that I hope I can match in my own little way. Always improving or at least trying to, it is all I can do at end of the day and I am satisfied when I know I worked hard.

     Everyday this week I worked hard and I saw some great success. I ate cake with my face and I woke very early to see the sun rise once more to yoga. I finish a whole set of one of my work outs and I have been trying to reach that goal for two weeks. I am gaining more weight then I am comfortable with but everyone tells me I need it so I allow it. I had a man teach me about how the human body works, with diagrams, and it was one of the weirdest dinners of my mission. However, the lasagna was great:) I got to drive a car (which I never get to do) and I put my hand on Elder Linares leg. I saw a bunny poop on elder Reber after he fed is food :) I said something very stupid and wished I had a V8 as I hit my self in head and I did 5 hand stand push ups this morning. More often then not however I saw miraculous things occur before mine eyes. I could fill pages of emails with the times I have seen the Lord's hand in my life. I do not want to keep you all here however so to close I want to include how this Gospel,

     The Gospel of Jesus Christ has taught me and helped me grow. I am so blessed and so grateful for all the friends, family, and strangers whom I have learned from and for the opportunity I have been given to grow. That is why we are all hear. To learn and to grow, small steps everyday or if were lucky we land on a roller coast that teaches us bus loads. Today makes my 7th month in the mission. It is going by so fast and I have learned so much. I look back on my life and am so thankful I am the person I am today. I am far from perfect but working towards a brighter tomorrow. I know that there are times when we may feel lost, or that we are stuck in a rut but when these moments come, these can often be the best teaching moments, when we are humble enough to accept change, I encourage and invite everyone to strive to learn something new, then apply it to your life. I love each of you and I promise you that things always work out. Do not lose hope, do not lose faith, do not let go of your dreams. You have control of your life, do not give in because of anyone else. You will always regret that and regret is stupid.

Elder Wyatt

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