Friday, August 15, 2014

The Priesthood Blesses Lives

Hey everyone,

     This past week was really nice, we went to a park after we emailed last week and soaked up the sun till it turned into a storm and we went inside. We played a game of monopoly and it was really fun, been a while since I have played it. the game had to be cut short cause we did not have the time but that was nice because then no one felt like they one and there was no contention. I liked it at least. Always so nice to be able to enjoy friends. It was really funny because as we were playing  the game, the dog whom belonged to the home felt it necessary to poop right next to the table. It was very smelly. We all rolled to see who had to pick it up and it fell on Elder Jolly. I felt bad so I helped him and before you knew it, all was well. The evening came and we embarked for our last appointment of the day.

     We had a FHE with Josh Spencer. We all played volley ball. Now the storm had cleared up by now which was nice but it turned the soft sand into a hard sand. We did what we could to break the top layer of crust but it still was like playing on knives. I will tell you, my feet were super soft after wards. We had a fun lesson taught by Elder Jolly and it was neat to see him teach. I remember back when I was new and I am glad that I had the opportunities to learn and grow to help get me to where I am now.

     One thing that has come such a far way is my confidence to give blessings. By when I was first being trained I was always so nervous to pray, afraid I might say something wrong, let alone blessings... However, the mission has taught me so much in the short time I have been out. Now I can bless without a drop of fear. It came in handy on Tuesday because a member called us and asked us to give her daughter a blessing before she had to go up to springs for an MRI. We came by and gave the blessing and it went without a hitch. Normally that is were the story ends but this one goes on, for the fallowing afternoon we received a phone call from the mother informing us that her daughter got the results back and it showed no tumors. Which was a big surprise because last time it came up that she had 9 tumors! No one knows why or were they have gone but that was a really big testimony builder for me. I still had little tears of joy in my eyes when we got to the Valdes home for a lesson.

     It was a really funny lesson. The Valdes is the family whose two children were baptized not too long ago and we went back to teach the new member lessons. It was fun because we are all really close with the family and we are comfortable with them. During the First lesson, there is a point where one is to say Joseph Smiths first vision. Well, because there were three of us, we brought a member from the ward. We had some fun with it. Keven Price, who was the member was stating the first vision. As Elder Reber hummed the hymn "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" as I acted out the even on the floor in the middle of the room. It was so great. The kids loved it and I doubt they will ever forget the first vision which is good because its the whole point we taught them that way. Teaching to peoples' needs, that's the trick :)

     This week was filled with tons of little surprises, one interesting moment was as we were teaching a woman we had walked by, she told us she couldn't be baptized, we asked why and to our surprise; she turned around, lifted her shirt, and pulled her pants down. She was showing a scar from back injuries but she also showed us a full moon, Elder Reber and I held it together but we we were far enough away the both of us couldn't hold back the laughter. That was a little moment I won't soon forget, although I would not be heart broken if I did.

     There are my highlights and I hope they highlight something for you. Know that thousands of these moments of joy come to all of us and we just need to keep our eyes out for them. It would be far to easy to just point out the negatives and complain about the rain, but remember which every rain storm there is a rainbow at the end. Like this when times in are lives feel as though we are getting nothing but bad luck, we need to remember what positives come out of a situation. Even if it is something as simple as a lesson learned for the future. I promise that a positive outlook can change any situation and bring light to every dark corner.

For more tips on how to find joy in negative situations, read or listen or even watch this talk:

Elder Wyatt

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