Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hey Yall!

     Well, last week on our P-day our mission president and his wife joined us for the afternoon and for dinner. It was a lot of fun. We went as a group, with the sister missionaries up to Royal Gorge bridge and had some fun walking it. It moves a lot when one is on it and that was a little nerve racking to me. It was really neat however to be able to just talk with our president and get to know him better. They joined us for dinner as well and it was really nice but I felt bad for the woman who hosted us. The family are long time friends to our mission president, this is the fact that prompted the whole get together. However, at the meal the house was cleaned and spotless and the table was set like a 5 start restaurant. We came to find out that our Mission Presidents Wife could not eat garlic or onions, which by chance where all parts of the whole meal. It was a little bit of a shock to the host family but they handled it well. It was an opportunity for us all to laugh and come a little bit closer.

     After getting closer with out president we got to see him the very next day! We had a big meeting up in springs and we spent most of our Tuesday hearing from our mission leaders and that following Friday we were back in springs for another meeting. Both were a blast and I learned so much. I have now filled up my notebook and am going to buy a new one today. I need it because there are always some great things to learn in life, and I learn them a little bit better when I write them down! We got to come closer as a zone and it was a lot of fun to meet the new missionaries who have come in. Some of whom are friends I have known from far away and it is cool to be able to see them too! They teach us and maybe we teach them a little in our fun questions and answers.

     I know that there is a fair amount of teaching coming from us however. The adventures of Possum and Bat continue!  This past week was a great week for Elder Liptrott and myself. We have been working hard to refresh our area and get things moving and last week was a great week to see the fruits of our labors. We got some pretty great people we are working with, their names are Lane, Dakota, and Amy. These are the three who are progressing the most. Only time will tell if we get to see continued growth for them but something really cool happened when we were teaching Dakota. As we sat on the front porch talking about the fact that we are lead today by living apostles and prophets of the Lord. I felt prompted to invite him to get on his knees with us and pray to ask God if our message was true, and to my surprise, I promised him a powerful immediate witness from the Holy Ghost. I knew that if he would ask, he would receive, but sadly, he did not want to do it. Broke my heart but it was mainly because of his fear to pray in front of other people. We got a time to go back and we look forward to seeing him next week, going to be an adventure with him.

     We had quite the adventure this past Thursday when one of the sisters had quite a nasty fall on her bike going down a big hill here in town. We got the call and rushed over to help. They had called 911 but when we got there we had the opportunity to give her a blessing. It was the first time that I have ever given one in a circumstance like that, but I was so thankful and humbled that we had the power to help. We took her to the ER and she got out later that night. Lots of big scratches and a funky thumb they turned back into place. For the accident that it was, the Doctor was impressed that there was no neck or head trauma. We have been spoiling her with treats and she is doing much better.

     Life is great, and can be for everyone. Sister Elama had a little miss hap but is smiling and continuing to serve the Lord. I think that it is too easy in life to just give up and dwell on one little miss hap that throws a wrench in our lives. If we remind ourselves daily, as I do, that we have a living God, and he leads us with a living Prophet, nothing in the world can bring us down. The scriptures are true. The future will unfold as has been taught by past and modern prophets. If you are worried about something, read your scriptures and you will find comfort. This weekend in General Conference, and as was advised to me, I want to encourage everyone to look in their personal lives for something that has been on their mind and listen to each and every talk. I promise that one is meant for you, yes you personally. The Lord knows you and will speak to you. Let me know how it goes, I will be doing the same thing.

4 Nephi 1:15-17  What the world can be!

With as much love as an email can carry,
Elder Wyatt


Elder Liptrott and I have some fun :) (and we are silly too)
The fishing photo is one of my favorites
The whole group with President and his wife!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Nearer My God to Thee

     Hey everyone, It's me again. Aren't I so good at being here? I think so, its enough to just be happy about one thing and that makes everything better! I guess I ought to jump into the adventure I have been filling my life with. I know that there must be some suspense lurking in you as to what random animal I held this week or to how the hair is; but hopefully what ever is to come of this email will put the smile I strive so hard to put on your face!

     Today I have a big smile, must have got a good nights rest, or it was the pilates I did to the sunrise with some British commentary, but I like to believe it was the cup of hot cocoa and the scriptures that have brightened my day. Even though it looks like we might get a little storm this afternoon, all I see is sunshine! Everyday we as missionaries have the opportunity to read scriptures and other uplifting things and this morning I read in 3 Nephi 14-17. It was so great. Someone has gone into my scriptures and changed it because there is so much amazing stuff in there that I am eager to apply in my daily doings. Main step: stop judging. Too often I put something sour in my mind without really learning, so I am going to set that as my current goal. I also know that if I judge not, I shall not be judged harshly and that is something that I need, because those whom know me well can attest that I have lots to improve on. Its what I try to do always.

     Always trying at least. One day however, I will become perfect, thanks to Christ, and oh man my hair will look so stinking good! Its the little things, ya know. Last P-day we went on a district hike and it was a nice little refreshment. Today we will be going to royal gorge bridge and our mission president will be joining us. I invited him out of fun, because I love to get everyone involved and he took us up on the offer so it will be sweet! He will also be joining us for dinner and maybe even teaching tonight so that will be exciting! It will be a blessing to be able to spend the day with him and learn from him too.

    From Adventures and Blessings, I must indulge each of you with our "Tracting Adventures." So, Possum and Bat embark out into the blistering heat, slacks tucked into our socks, wearing the just-in style huge bike helmets, that leave us with the most styling hair. We hit the road biking just as fast as our little toes can carry us and build up a nice coat of sweat when we get the the first door. So when the six door opens to us, we get to meet our first devil worshipers for the day. (Now, I will have you know, that the devil worshipers church must have the best missionaries in town because all sorts of people are vocal about that fact) We were tracting during all hours of this week and found some great success. Lots of people we shall be going back to and visiting. Hopefully we shall get some great results from our efforts. For future reference, because it is my duty to teach, if the Broncos are playing the Seahawks, it is not a good time to tract.

     But it is always a good time to learn. I know I learn more each and every day I leave our apartment. One fun opportunity this week was when Elder Liptrott got to learn how to patch a bike tire. It was very exciting when we got to pull over about a half dozen times to fill up his tire after service. Now being in our dashing white shirts and ties, and sporting the for-mentioned sweat, we are quite noticeable, and a very friendly man decided to pull over next to us each time we had a flat tire to pump it, and tell us that our tire was flat. Breaking News to us as we pumped, but as luck would have it, the man pasted us each time to the point of weird lucky. We in turn tried to teach him, taking it as a sign, and he was LDS. So that was a funny little fiasco.

     Now of course I can see that I have rambled on just long enough to get to the point when I share the fun (and funny) stuff. However, smiles and laughs are still appropriate for that which has already been shared. Elder Liptrott and myself have had all sorts of fun. Possum and Bat got to suit up in matching attire to go play some chair soccer. We looked great, but sadly did not get a photo. We did get to capture us holding some big toys But it was entering into a sub eating contest on Saturday that brought lots of smiles. Now, these subs went from our hips to under our chins. We also got some great shirts to use as bibs but the smallest size they had was a 2xL so now i have a new blanket for the apartment! Elder Liptrott put up a fine battle as he ate most of the sub as I enjoyed mine with one small bit at a time. Afterwards, I found out it was the most American thing he has ever done. We had to wait about 40 min for a meeting so he and I found some wheel chairs and work on our balancing skills, which evolved into a 5 part race of backwards and spills and balancing, all while singing out favorite hymns the whole time. "If You Could Hie to Kolob" never sounded better, but his "Praise to the Man" easily trumped mine.

     His singing was noticed by the ward and at the start of sacrament meeting we were invited to join the ward choir. It was a great start to Sunday as Elder Liptrott sang beautifully and I stood by him reading words. But I read those words real well. We had a fun second hour in which we played with a baby the whole time. We decked him up with a name tag and a book of Mormon. He was our little companion that day. So over all it was a fantastic week. Filled with laughs and smiles. Now does that mean we did not have any rain storms? Not at all. We had plenty, but we had our spiritual umbrellas packed with us. And when we read our scriptures each morning we get our umbrellas strong for any rain storm. I know that each of us can find comfort and straight in the scriptures. Read them, ponder them, apply them. Our loving Parents and Brother have prepared them for us, for these days. They are the best tips and I promise that they will clear any storm and replace it with some warmth.

With Sincere Love,
Elder Daniel Wyatt


1) Elder Liptrott and I on a hike.
2) Striking a pose.
3) The gang and a stick that wanted to join.
4) Bike fun :)
5) Our big toys.
6) Working hard?
7) Not too big, right?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Everything Is Brighter

Welcome, Welcome, One and All!

     I am glad that everyone has made it here safely. Let us jump into the main event and hear about Elder Wyatt's mis-adventures out in Colorado, serving you in the Canon City 1st ward! Last P-day was my last full day with Elder Reber. It was a nice three months but the song always ends the same way - transfers come and we said goodbye. For our last day we enjoyed sunshine at the park and played some frisbee. Now me being the monster I am, I hit Sister Hoer in the leg with the disk and gave her a nice apple-sized black and blue mark. I felt just terrible but she has been very nice about it. This my brothers and sisters, is why I can not have nice things. Learning and growing right! I am just thankful I did not hit her in the head. I have been helping Elder Reber pick out clothes and he wanted to match me so he got the same type of clothes and we took a twin photo. It was weird, glad we're not doing it again. We had a nice day over all and it closed on a fun evening.

     We had a lesson with a family whom Elder Reber had gotten close with over his six months in Canon. He and I got to teach together for the last time and for those who know us well know that it was exciting. Lots of fun emotions and we even got a dual hug from the father for us both to share the love! We went home and he packed as I rearranged the whole apartment. Everyone in the district has seen the new set up and they like it a lot. Maybe I will go into home decor. That or, my fort building skills have just prepared me for the future! We drove up to springs on Tuesday and had transfer meeting. This was very exciting and I got to see many friends.

     I sat with those very same friends! It was my trainer Elder Smith, and his trainer, Elder Guy. Both Elder Guy and myself were called to train so it was exciting to all sit together and make guesses on who gets who. One missionary would stand and his trainer would be announced. None really caught my eye until I saw a nice young chap from England stand up. I do not know if it was the fact that he has an accent or the fact that we both were in brown shoes, but I really wanted him to be my son and to my pleasant surprise, my name was called as his trainer! We got to sit together for the rest of the meetings. Said goodbye to some friends, including Elder Sagers who went home this past Friday. He, if you all remember, was my second companion who had been serving longer then I had been a member. The time finally came and he finished his two years. It was sad to see some really good friends leave the mission, but I know that they have done an amazing job and deserve the rest.

     As sad as it was to see them leave, it was good timing because room had to be made for the great new missionaries who have just begun there missions. I helped Elder Liptrott get his bags into the car and then we were off to Canon City! It was a nice drive and we got to talk and get to know each other more. We did not even have time to go to our apartment and were dropped off straight at dinner. We had a great evening and taught Sister Firedancer who informed him that his spirit animal was a possum. So it is the Bat (Me) and Possum (Elder Liptrott) team taking on the world!!! We just need a cool new theme song. That evening we got to unpack and relax and the next few days were full of excitement.

     Over the next few days we got to teach and help loads of people. Elder Liptrott got to scoop up poop, knock on a door of "Devil" worshipers, almost hit a deer as we were biking, became way to friendly with some snakes, nearly froze on a random cold day, show off his soccer skills (He is really good, was semi pro in England I believe). A young Jessica Brockel has taken a fancy to him (It will be funny because she reads this blog), and plenty of luck to help us teach!

    Some of that luck came when we were prompted to knock on a door and the young man, Kyle, has recently taken an interest in being baptized. We chatted for a while and will be meeting with him over these coming weeks. He currently wants to attended another church but we shall see what we can do. With Elizabeth Stark we are going to help her make a baptismal program to take away the fears of that and we hope to see her more excited soon! Elder Liptrott is great with kids so he was a great help in the lesson with her. We also had Clint join us at church for the first time and that was neat. During church Elder Liptrott and myself joined a lone priest to help him with the sacrament. The best part was hearing Elder Liptrott's English accent over the speaker as he blessed the bread. Everyone's ears perked up just a little bit more.

     On the note of things perking up, I know that over the past 7 months my life has really perked up. I have been smiling and laughing just about everyday and it has been the greatest blessing of my life to be where I am and doing what I am doing! I would not trade it for the world and I know that each of us have the opportunity to find joy in every situation. Always choose to be happy!

With Love,
Elder Wyatt

Some great pictures from Daniel:
1. Us as twins
2. Our first photo, right when I was called
3. This is my mission family, huge posterity all from Elder Guy who trained Elder Smith and Perry. Elder Guy now is training a new one. Then myself and Elder Greer. And my new baby boy!
4-6: The evolution of my friendship with Mr. Snake
7-8: We love playing pitchfork pear baseball! I did hit it so I was happy :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

For the First Time in Forever

Dear Friends,

     A few people told me that my last blog post was really good. I like to think it was all luck, this being the case, I can not insure that all will be good. I shall continue to eat my veggies for I know that makes me lucky but please continue to read each update with a grain of salt (A whole lot more then a grain for those who are like me :) ) and know that at the end of the day. I am happy, I am loving every second, and I still have spell check to assist me!

     I left my old planner (It is like a cheat sheet for what I did over the past week) so much of what I share today will be purely from memory. I know that last P-day, after we emailed we eventually made our way over to bowling. It was really fun. It was the first time we went the entire transfer which is very different from last transfer. I hope we go more next transfer because I really enjoy it. We got a group photo and you all have to let me know if you like Elder Rebers clothes. I picked them out for him per his request and I want to know what everyone thinks of my taste.  I wish you could see the shoes but oh well. Better to be looking up anyway.

     I often have to look up at Elder Reber because I am much shorter then him. Luckily I am about even with those we teach. One of the people we have been working with, Kyle Rust, has been making great strides. We had our last visit with Elder Reber so he left him with a great testimony. The lesson, as amazing as it was, wasn't my favorite part. That Sunday Kyle's Mother and Sister approached us and thanked us for visiting him. Now Kyle lives with his wife in his own home but his family told us that they have seen a shift in Kyle and that it has been such a blessing to them that we have been taking the time to talk with him. Over all they said that Kyle's attitude has really gotten better and that he is now looking up. To hear from the family that our lessons have been having a good effect was so nice to me. It reconfirmed to me that what we do has a positive effect on those around us and those around them.

     I spent this entire transfer working on that. Looking up. I think to often we tend to look down. On others and on ourselves. But it is really silly. I have had three months to work with Elder Reber and I have learned a lot. Many things I learned about the world and other outlets, but mostly I learned a lot about myself. I continue to learn a lot everyday. I have said it before and I will say it again, but I believe that the time when I am learning the most is when I am teaching others. It is such a blessing to be able to go out and share the message of the Restored Gospel. It has blessed me with more things then I could ever relate over these simple words but I know, that where I am, and what I am doing, is exactly what the Lord wants. I love you all and hope that each of you know it. I mean it. I will be back in a week and with plenty of stories to tell.

"O be wise; what can I say more?" Jacob 6:12

With love,
Elder Daniel Wyatt

Here are some pictures for y'all:

1) Bowling y'all
2) This is our district meetings. Role plays and massages.
3) It's called the Big Dave, and it's 1 pound of meat. Unfortunately, I could not finish it all.
4 & 5) Old pics from my birthday.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lots of Change

Hey Everyone!

     Been a great week, I promise that I do not just say that but there is always too many good things in my path for me to ever think I had a bad week. Life is always way better when one finds the light in every day. I am lucky and I get booming rays of sunshine to brighten up my week. I think its from the new thing I have done with my hair. Now hear me out, I heard this from a 19 year old so it is clearly a trusted source. About twice a week, on a day when I do not use shampoo I put honey in my hair. Now I am sure this sounds strange and that there must surely be ants crawling all over me to get to my fantastic hair. Those were my initial thoughts, but instead I still have fantastic hair and its softer. My hair absorbs the honey and makes it so soft. So with my new super soft hair I have been taking on the world and its fantastic :) I am getting a hair cut tonight too, so much about hair! Well, I guess I should talk about my mission life and not so much about my hair. It is why you are mostly here I am sure, but if anyone is just here for the hair, you rock. But there are tons of other interesting things included in here as well.

     One of the most interesting things in my opinion is that I went on a 4 day long exchange in Springs. Well, Sunday night to Wednesday morning, that's an oddity. We had a meeting on Tuesday so we traveled up Sunday night to spend P-day in the city. It was a ton of fun. I learned a valuable lesson. I love to be bare foot. Those who know me well know it is not the shoes I do not like but socks... Socks are not my friend. Trust me, I have tried, and we put up with each other quite often throughout the week. But when I can escape their grasp I fly and turn not back. As a group of missionaries we gathered to throw the good ol' pig skin. Unbeknownst to me, everyone has their own set of shinny cleats. Well, I run faster and longer bare foot so I just joined in with my lovely toes. Well, if anyone is wondering, cleat vs. barefoot... cleats win. I got to test it out and it was a great opportunity to go sit down and write letters and my foot sang me a lovely song in the sounds a of heart beat. This was my learning experience for Monday. I always learn something :)

     I learned so much at Zone Conference. Zone Conference to those who are confused is a chance where a bunch of missionaries serving together meet up and hear from our mission leaders. For A convert like me, its similar to being at a buffet of knowledge and I get reallllly fat. I love it :) We talked a lot about some of the things we can do to help us in our daily efforts. I learned a bunch and I also got to see a lot of my good mission friends I have not seen in a while. It was great. I saw Elder Clark and it is sad to say but he goes home in 1 week! I can not believe it. The mission is going by too fast. Luckily I have plenty of time left but soon I wont and then I will cram all that I can before I go home. that is all I will say about that because I do not enjoy thinking about it. It was at this meeting in which Elder Clark informed me I would be training :) Now, normally I would wait until today to find that out but Elder Clark is awesome and a good friend, and spoils me.

     I am very humbled to be chosen to train. It will be exciting and there are so many things I still need to learn. But the Lord chose me, and if I doubt myself, I am doubting the Lord, and I will not do that. I will include plenty of photos and stories of my new companion in the coming weeks I am sure so do not worry about that. I would ask however, if all those who read this, will pray for him. The MTC can be hard and I want to make sure he makes it and hits the ground on a running start.

     Being a few days behind we hit missionary work with a running start this week. It was awesome. We had some amazing lessons. We met with Mary, our sweet old firecracker. We helped her with service and we finished building a wall in her yard. Now some may say it is small and doesn't look very hard but I am proud of all those who chipped in and soon we will put stone all over the matted yard and it will be done. It will look much better then it did when it was a jungle. Another cool lesson to learn from this. We built that wall one stone at a time, we never got ahead of ourselves, and we were not afraid to tear down one part that we might build up stronger. Each of these are principles I want everyone to put into their daily lives. Take things one at a time, do not try and juggle too much, take it a step at a time and it will be better off in the end. We should never get ahead of ourselves. I do it to often then not and I find myself wearing two pairs of different socks. Things will happen when they happen, we do not need to rush them, life is going to rush by use no matter what, why should we try and help it. Lastly, we never need to be afraid or even prideful about going back and fixing or changing something. This is the time to learn, to grow. Do not trap yourself and hinder your growth because you do not want to have to go back and do something over. These are all things I myself are working on so let us all work together!

     Working together makes everything easier. I see the blessing of having a companion by my side and when a member is with us when we teach it can have the most profound uplifting effects. When out teaching this past week we got to see many people. Many of home I have found a great love for. I get to see some people feel the spirit of the lord fill them and more often then not I feel the same spirit filling me. Once more there is just too much for me to talk about and I know that what I write could never come close the amazing time I have had this past week. I got to be a part of casting out demons, playing a confetti prank on some sisters (thanks again for the confetti for birthday, found a great use for it :), and finding the hand of the Lord actively helping me. I love you all so much and I hope so dearly that this email has brought someone a small smile, that would make it all worth it.

With a heart full of Love,
Elder Daniel Joseph Wyatt

As usual, Elder Wyatt sends some fantastic photos!

1) This is my foot. May not look like much, but it felt like much
2) Our zone, I stood behind my mama
3) Me and my momma. She will be starting her last transfer
4) Elder Clark and myself
5) World's biggest rocking chair (cool kids only)
6 & 7) Photos with Mary and our wall
8) Good friends :)
9) Our prank!