Monday, September 15, 2014

Everything Is Brighter

Welcome, Welcome, One and All!

     I am glad that everyone has made it here safely. Let us jump into the main event and hear about Elder Wyatt's mis-adventures out in Colorado, serving you in the Canon City 1st ward! Last P-day was my last full day with Elder Reber. It was a nice three months but the song always ends the same way - transfers come and we said goodbye. For our last day we enjoyed sunshine at the park and played some frisbee. Now me being the monster I am, I hit Sister Hoer in the leg with the disk and gave her a nice apple-sized black and blue mark. I felt just terrible but she has been very nice about it. This my brothers and sisters, is why I can not have nice things. Learning and growing right! I am just thankful I did not hit her in the head. I have been helping Elder Reber pick out clothes and he wanted to match me so he got the same type of clothes and we took a twin photo. It was weird, glad we're not doing it again. We had a nice day over all and it closed on a fun evening.

     We had a lesson with a family whom Elder Reber had gotten close with over his six months in Canon. He and I got to teach together for the last time and for those who know us well know that it was exciting. Lots of fun emotions and we even got a dual hug from the father for us both to share the love! We went home and he packed as I rearranged the whole apartment. Everyone in the district has seen the new set up and they like it a lot. Maybe I will go into home decor. That or, my fort building skills have just prepared me for the future! We drove up to springs on Tuesday and had transfer meeting. This was very exciting and I got to see many friends.

     I sat with those very same friends! It was my trainer Elder Smith, and his trainer, Elder Guy. Both Elder Guy and myself were called to train so it was exciting to all sit together and make guesses on who gets who. One missionary would stand and his trainer would be announced. None really caught my eye until I saw a nice young chap from England stand up. I do not know if it was the fact that he has an accent or the fact that we both were in brown shoes, but I really wanted him to be my son and to my pleasant surprise, my name was called as his trainer! We got to sit together for the rest of the meetings. Said goodbye to some friends, including Elder Sagers who went home this past Friday. He, if you all remember, was my second companion who had been serving longer then I had been a member. The time finally came and he finished his two years. It was sad to see some really good friends leave the mission, but I know that they have done an amazing job and deserve the rest.

     As sad as it was to see them leave, it was good timing because room had to be made for the great new missionaries who have just begun there missions. I helped Elder Liptrott get his bags into the car and then we were off to Canon City! It was a nice drive and we got to talk and get to know each other more. We did not even have time to go to our apartment and were dropped off straight at dinner. We had a great evening and taught Sister Firedancer who informed him that his spirit animal was a possum. So it is the Bat (Me) and Possum (Elder Liptrott) team taking on the world!!! We just need a cool new theme song. That evening we got to unpack and relax and the next few days were full of excitement.

     Over the next few days we got to teach and help loads of people. Elder Liptrott got to scoop up poop, knock on a door of "Devil" worshipers, almost hit a deer as we were biking, became way to friendly with some snakes, nearly froze on a random cold day, show off his soccer skills (He is really good, was semi pro in England I believe). A young Jessica Brockel has taken a fancy to him (It will be funny because she reads this blog), and plenty of luck to help us teach!

    Some of that luck came when we were prompted to knock on a door and the young man, Kyle, has recently taken an interest in being baptized. We chatted for a while and will be meeting with him over these coming weeks. He currently wants to attended another church but we shall see what we can do. With Elizabeth Stark we are going to help her make a baptismal program to take away the fears of that and we hope to see her more excited soon! Elder Liptrott is great with kids so he was a great help in the lesson with her. We also had Clint join us at church for the first time and that was neat. During church Elder Liptrott and myself joined a lone priest to help him with the sacrament. The best part was hearing Elder Liptrott's English accent over the speaker as he blessed the bread. Everyone's ears perked up just a little bit more.

     On the note of things perking up, I know that over the past 7 months my life has really perked up. I have been smiling and laughing just about everyday and it has been the greatest blessing of my life to be where I am and doing what I am doing! I would not trade it for the world and I know that each of us have the opportunity to find joy in every situation. Always choose to be happy!

With Love,
Elder Wyatt

Some great pictures from Daniel:
1. Us as twins
2. Our first photo, right when I was called
3. This is my mission family, huge posterity all from Elder Guy who trained Elder Smith and Perry. Elder Guy now is training a new one. Then myself and Elder Greer. And my new baby boy!
4-6: The evolution of my friendship with Mr. Snake
7-8: We love playing pitchfork pear baseball! I did hit it so I was happy :)

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