Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lots of Change

Hey Everyone!

     Been a great week, I promise that I do not just say that but there is always too many good things in my path for me to ever think I had a bad week. Life is always way better when one finds the light in every day. I am lucky and I get booming rays of sunshine to brighten up my week. I think its from the new thing I have done with my hair. Now hear me out, I heard this from a 19 year old so it is clearly a trusted source. About twice a week, on a day when I do not use shampoo I put honey in my hair. Now I am sure this sounds strange and that there must surely be ants crawling all over me to get to my fantastic hair. Those were my initial thoughts, but instead I still have fantastic hair and its softer. My hair absorbs the honey and makes it so soft. So with my new super soft hair I have been taking on the world and its fantastic :) I am getting a hair cut tonight too, so much about hair! Well, I guess I should talk about my mission life and not so much about my hair. It is why you are mostly here I am sure, but if anyone is just here for the hair, you rock. But there are tons of other interesting things included in here as well.

     One of the most interesting things in my opinion is that I went on a 4 day long exchange in Springs. Well, Sunday night to Wednesday morning, that's an oddity. We had a meeting on Tuesday so we traveled up Sunday night to spend P-day in the city. It was a ton of fun. I learned a valuable lesson. I love to be bare foot. Those who know me well know it is not the shoes I do not like but socks... Socks are not my friend. Trust me, I have tried, and we put up with each other quite often throughout the week. But when I can escape their grasp I fly and turn not back. As a group of missionaries we gathered to throw the good ol' pig skin. Unbeknownst to me, everyone has their own set of shinny cleats. Well, I run faster and longer bare foot so I just joined in with my lovely toes. Well, if anyone is wondering, cleat vs. barefoot... cleats win. I got to test it out and it was a great opportunity to go sit down and write letters and my foot sang me a lovely song in the sounds a of heart beat. This was my learning experience for Monday. I always learn something :)

     I learned so much at Zone Conference. Zone Conference to those who are confused is a chance where a bunch of missionaries serving together meet up and hear from our mission leaders. For A convert like me, its similar to being at a buffet of knowledge and I get reallllly fat. I love it :) We talked a lot about some of the things we can do to help us in our daily efforts. I learned a bunch and I also got to see a lot of my good mission friends I have not seen in a while. It was great. I saw Elder Clark and it is sad to say but he goes home in 1 week! I can not believe it. The mission is going by too fast. Luckily I have plenty of time left but soon I wont and then I will cram all that I can before I go home. that is all I will say about that because I do not enjoy thinking about it. It was at this meeting in which Elder Clark informed me I would be training :) Now, normally I would wait until today to find that out but Elder Clark is awesome and a good friend, and spoils me.

     I am very humbled to be chosen to train. It will be exciting and there are so many things I still need to learn. But the Lord chose me, and if I doubt myself, I am doubting the Lord, and I will not do that. I will include plenty of photos and stories of my new companion in the coming weeks I am sure so do not worry about that. I would ask however, if all those who read this, will pray for him. The MTC can be hard and I want to make sure he makes it and hits the ground on a running start.

     Being a few days behind we hit missionary work with a running start this week. It was awesome. We had some amazing lessons. We met with Mary, our sweet old firecracker. We helped her with service and we finished building a wall in her yard. Now some may say it is small and doesn't look very hard but I am proud of all those who chipped in and soon we will put stone all over the matted yard and it will be done. It will look much better then it did when it was a jungle. Another cool lesson to learn from this. We built that wall one stone at a time, we never got ahead of ourselves, and we were not afraid to tear down one part that we might build up stronger. Each of these are principles I want everyone to put into their daily lives. Take things one at a time, do not try and juggle too much, take it a step at a time and it will be better off in the end. We should never get ahead of ourselves. I do it to often then not and I find myself wearing two pairs of different socks. Things will happen when they happen, we do not need to rush them, life is going to rush by use no matter what, why should we try and help it. Lastly, we never need to be afraid or even prideful about going back and fixing or changing something. This is the time to learn, to grow. Do not trap yourself and hinder your growth because you do not want to have to go back and do something over. These are all things I myself are working on so let us all work together!

     Working together makes everything easier. I see the blessing of having a companion by my side and when a member is with us when we teach it can have the most profound uplifting effects. When out teaching this past week we got to see many people. Many of home I have found a great love for. I get to see some people feel the spirit of the lord fill them and more often then not I feel the same spirit filling me. Once more there is just too much for me to talk about and I know that what I write could never come close the amazing time I have had this past week. I got to be a part of casting out demons, playing a confetti prank on some sisters (thanks again for the confetti for birthday, found a great use for it :), and finding the hand of the Lord actively helping me. I love you all so much and I hope so dearly that this email has brought someone a small smile, that would make it all worth it.

With a heart full of Love,
Elder Daniel Joseph Wyatt

As usual, Elder Wyatt sends some fantastic photos!

1) This is my foot. May not look like much, but it felt like much
2) Our zone, I stood behind my mama
3) Me and my momma. She will be starting her last transfer
4) Elder Clark and myself
5) World's biggest rocking chair (cool kids only)
6 & 7) Photos with Mary and our wall
8) Good friends :)
9) Our prank! 

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