Monday, September 22, 2014

Nearer My God to Thee

     Hey everyone, It's me again. Aren't I so good at being here? I think so, its enough to just be happy about one thing and that makes everything better! I guess I ought to jump into the adventure I have been filling my life with. I know that there must be some suspense lurking in you as to what random animal I held this week or to how the hair is; but hopefully what ever is to come of this email will put the smile I strive so hard to put on your face!

     Today I have a big smile, must have got a good nights rest, or it was the pilates I did to the sunrise with some British commentary, but I like to believe it was the cup of hot cocoa and the scriptures that have brightened my day. Even though it looks like we might get a little storm this afternoon, all I see is sunshine! Everyday we as missionaries have the opportunity to read scriptures and other uplifting things and this morning I read in 3 Nephi 14-17. It was so great. Someone has gone into my scriptures and changed it because there is so much amazing stuff in there that I am eager to apply in my daily doings. Main step: stop judging. Too often I put something sour in my mind without really learning, so I am going to set that as my current goal. I also know that if I judge not, I shall not be judged harshly and that is something that I need, because those whom know me well can attest that I have lots to improve on. Its what I try to do always.

     Always trying at least. One day however, I will become perfect, thanks to Christ, and oh man my hair will look so stinking good! Its the little things, ya know. Last P-day we went on a district hike and it was a nice little refreshment. Today we will be going to royal gorge bridge and our mission president will be joining us. I invited him out of fun, because I love to get everyone involved and he took us up on the offer so it will be sweet! He will also be joining us for dinner and maybe even teaching tonight so that will be exciting! It will be a blessing to be able to spend the day with him and learn from him too.

    From Adventures and Blessings, I must indulge each of you with our "Tracting Adventures." So, Possum and Bat embark out into the blistering heat, slacks tucked into our socks, wearing the just-in style huge bike helmets, that leave us with the most styling hair. We hit the road biking just as fast as our little toes can carry us and build up a nice coat of sweat when we get the the first door. So when the six door opens to us, we get to meet our first devil worshipers for the day. (Now, I will have you know, that the devil worshipers church must have the best missionaries in town because all sorts of people are vocal about that fact) We were tracting during all hours of this week and found some great success. Lots of people we shall be going back to and visiting. Hopefully we shall get some great results from our efforts. For future reference, because it is my duty to teach, if the Broncos are playing the Seahawks, it is not a good time to tract.

     But it is always a good time to learn. I know I learn more each and every day I leave our apartment. One fun opportunity this week was when Elder Liptrott got to learn how to patch a bike tire. It was very exciting when we got to pull over about a half dozen times to fill up his tire after service. Now being in our dashing white shirts and ties, and sporting the for-mentioned sweat, we are quite noticeable, and a very friendly man decided to pull over next to us each time we had a flat tire to pump it, and tell us that our tire was flat. Breaking News to us as we pumped, but as luck would have it, the man pasted us each time to the point of weird lucky. We in turn tried to teach him, taking it as a sign, and he was LDS. So that was a funny little fiasco.

     Now of course I can see that I have rambled on just long enough to get to the point when I share the fun (and funny) stuff. However, smiles and laughs are still appropriate for that which has already been shared. Elder Liptrott and myself have had all sorts of fun. Possum and Bat got to suit up in matching attire to go play some chair soccer. We looked great, but sadly did not get a photo. We did get to capture us holding some big toys But it was entering into a sub eating contest on Saturday that brought lots of smiles. Now, these subs went from our hips to under our chins. We also got some great shirts to use as bibs but the smallest size they had was a 2xL so now i have a new blanket for the apartment! Elder Liptrott put up a fine battle as he ate most of the sub as I enjoyed mine with one small bit at a time. Afterwards, I found out it was the most American thing he has ever done. We had to wait about 40 min for a meeting so he and I found some wheel chairs and work on our balancing skills, which evolved into a 5 part race of backwards and spills and balancing, all while singing out favorite hymns the whole time. "If You Could Hie to Kolob" never sounded better, but his "Praise to the Man" easily trumped mine.

     His singing was noticed by the ward and at the start of sacrament meeting we were invited to join the ward choir. It was a great start to Sunday as Elder Liptrott sang beautifully and I stood by him reading words. But I read those words real well. We had a fun second hour in which we played with a baby the whole time. We decked him up with a name tag and a book of Mormon. He was our little companion that day. So over all it was a fantastic week. Filled with laughs and smiles. Now does that mean we did not have any rain storms? Not at all. We had plenty, but we had our spiritual umbrellas packed with us. And when we read our scriptures each morning we get our umbrellas strong for any rain storm. I know that each of us can find comfort and straight in the scriptures. Read them, ponder them, apply them. Our loving Parents and Brother have prepared them for us, for these days. They are the best tips and I promise that they will clear any storm and replace it with some warmth.

With Sincere Love,
Elder Daniel Wyatt


1) Elder Liptrott and I on a hike.
2) Striking a pose.
3) The gang and a stick that wanted to join.
4) Bike fun :)
5) Our big toys.
6) Working hard?
7) Not too big, right?

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