Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Someone Already Has

Hey All!

     It has been a great week. Always is, but I must include it. Well folks, it is with love that I say that I am getting to a point where I might stop writing so much. Let me know what y'all think. This week will be a little lighter and you can decide what I do in the future. Know that I still love each of you and my hair is still fantastic, but that's right back to the nonsense I include.

     Something that is not nonsense are the Adventures of Possum and Bat! We had a great week and we had some powerful lessons. Two of our new investigators, Jane and Lane, are progressing pretty well. We sat down with both this week and the lessons went great. The spirit was so strong. We have return appointments and I am very excited to go back. If y'all feel it, pray for them please. Pray that they will recognize the promptings of the spirit please. That would mean a lot to me.

     Two great things we got to watch this past week were Meet the Mormons and General Conference. Both were so fantastic. The movie is pure and uplifting. Made by the church, but not a "church" film by any means, and it is so neat. Please watch it if you have not. You will like it. On that same note, General Conference was amazing. Each talk was so great. I would recommend two: President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk in the Saturday morning session and, my personal favorite, Elder Jorg Klebingat's. I will put links to both below as well as a song from Meet the Mormons I really like.

     Church is true, I know it, you can to. Even if you do know it, pray and ask for a confirmation. Remember, if something ever happens to you, a wrong doing or a malice, and you feel the need to think "that someone needs to pay for it," please, please remember, Someone already has.

Until next week!
- Elder Wyatt

President Uchtdorf:

Elder Klebingat:


Meet the Mormons Song:


1) I made cookies!
2) Mission Posterity
3) Smelling the Roses
4) Watching Conference! (with big tie knot)

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