Thursday, October 23, 2014

Turning of the Leaves

Hey brothers and sisters!

     Well, things are booming for us in Canon and it is so great to see. Elder Liptrott and I are working hard and results are following. We have been out knocking on doors and sitting down with a lot of our new investigators. The spirit has been with us and it makes our lessons so powerful. One of the best feelings in the world is when you feel the spirit testifying through you and then you see in the eyes of the person you are teaching feel that same spirit. Its powerful.

      We had many powerful lessons once more this week and we are finding that as we place our trust in the Lord, He guides us and fills our mouths as to what to say. Dakota, Cindy, and Lane are 3 of our investigators who are progressing well. We meet with each one of them and you could see when they knew that hat we shared was true. The challenge came when they had to decided for themselves if they would act on our invitations. Dakota has come to the conclusion that it is all true by the facts of it, he is convinced. But that won't do any good until he is converted. Two very different things. When one becomes converted, then you find the invitations being met with gladness. Lane and Cindy have both sat down with us and felt the blessings that can come from our message, both are hesitant because they are scared to place their trust and hope in God because of past experiences. I can promise everyone that life is not easy, and that we do not have to do anything alone. But it requires us seeking out His hand for strength. It can be scary, but its foolproof. 

     Two of our most progressing investigators are Amy and Mike. They both have set baptismal dates are working towards them well. This can often be the toughest time because of outside forces that can almost seemed bent on keeping someone from baptism. I will ask those of you who read this to please pray for them. Prayers are so wonderful and like the spirit are powerful. They have results. I know that to be true because I see it everyday.

     My by far personal favorite lesson of the week was Jane Traxler. She is a kind woman who has been meeting with us to get answers to the questions she has had her whole life. One of the best parts of the Restored Gospel is the simple pure truths that come with it and how the questions of our souls can be answered. As we taught about the Spirit World and the chances that come to those who did not get a chance in this life, she broke down in tears of joy. She hated those who said that infants who die before baptism are doom to hell. We know that is not true and that everyone has a chance, not born into a world to be punished for nothing they did. It was a strong lesson and she felt the spirit very strongly. Very excited to see her again this week.

     Prayer. If there is one thing I want everyone to do this week. Those who are LDS and those who are not. As well as those who are not religious in any means. Talk to Heavenly Father. Pray to God, if it is a simple question like "Are you there?" or something bigger like a request for help. He hears everything. He will answer you. You can know that for yourself. For those who have access to a Preach My Gospel (it is online for anyone who wants to do this too at Go and read "Pray with Faith" on pg. 93. Take the time to kneel and talk for a while. Pray vocally when you are alone. Listen and focus on your feelings. Answers come in many ways: Yes, No, or no answer just yet because something better is in store. Other people can be answers to your prayers, let yourself find comfort in prayers. I take a nice chunk of time each night to talk with Father and it is the best feeling in the world to know that He understands me. He understands you, He loves you.

Elder Wyatt

We saw some funny Halloween signs and decorations
I made Sister  Hoers planner and she made mine :)
Having fun with the leaves

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