Monday, November 3, 2014

Sister Hoer Went to the Temple

Hey Everyone!

     One of the coolest moments this past week was talking with a man named Alan Gabriel. He lives a few blocks from us and as we were biking past his house we felt prompted to stop and talk with him. Turns out he has wanted to get back into the church for a while but has been waiting for the right sign. Well, we had no idea he knew anything about the church but he is one of the most humble men I have met. He is legally blind and we have been helping him put in a fence post in his yard. I really have developed quite the talent for yard work. Not planning on doing it for a living, but hey when I get my own home, its going to look real good. Back to Alan, he came to church this Sunday and it was the first time in 23 years. He was so happy he finally did it. It will take some time till he can be baptized but he got the ball rolling and that is so good to see.

     One thing that might not have been so good to see was Elder Liptrott and my outfits to soccer on Wednesday. It was awesome because we got a ton of non-members to come, and one even gave us a ride home as we talked about the church. But we are seeing some really good things come from our Young Men's & Elders Quorum Soccer on Wednesdays and mission prep on Thursdays. It has been really cool because one of the sisters' most progressing investigators has been going to the events and is really enjoying the messages we share. Elder Liptrott and myself had some fun and dressed up to get the people going. Do not really know what it means but it worked! People really enjoyed themselves and more and more often are we finding that the members and their friends are more comfortable with us.

     Jane, one of our investigators, is doing fantastic and building some good trust in us too. Our lesson with this week was going to be cancelled due to her feeling a little bit under the weather. We offered a blessing and what was going to be an early night in turned into a great opportunity to teach more about the priesthood and allow her to feel God's love for her. She has been really accepting a lot of what we have shared and it is great to see her enthusiasm. Always so great to feel the spirit.

     We always feel the spirit when we get to travel to Springs, it's always for a fun purpose. We had interviews and a zone conference this week. So I got to spend some time with some good friends in springs. Things are taking an exciting shift in the mission. Always great to be serving the Lord! We had some fun and I always seem to do something exciting. We did some exciting things for Halloween. We Carved Pumpkins & went to the Trunk or treat. My pumpkin was very sophisticated if you ask me. But check out the photo and tell me what you think. Elder Liptrott and I dressed up as Clark Kent and Berry Allen for our outfits. We looked really great if you ask me but hey, I am biased and Elder Liptrott is beautiful. We got to get lots of candy too and that is not helping me stay skinny. I slowly have been getting bigger my whole mission.  

     Sister Hoer went to the temple. And why is that important, well she came out with me and when she went to the House of the Lord, it was to celebrate her half way mark! So all the  young lady's who I knew in the MTC are now counting down their days. Man time fly's so fast but loving everyday. This Sunday I got to bear my testimony because there was a solid chunk of time when no one got up and I tried to do the most pure testimony I could. I will share it now again, this is not word for word. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know it is true because I asked Gog and He told me it was. I know that the Book of Mormon has blessed my life, and I know it will bless yours if your read it and follow the teachings of Christ.

I love you all very much,
Elder Daniel Joseph Wyatt


1) Me in a box :)
2) Our outfits for soccer
3) Our costumes!
4) The District at a Bonfire
5, 6 & 7) Us with our Jack o'lanterns

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