Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trees Look Like Sticks

Hey Everyone!

     This week was a good week, they always are. We have been blessed so much to be able to dance and run around in the falling leaves. We have been working hard and are seeing results from our hard work. It has been a ball to work with Elder Liptrott. Hard to think that soon we might be transferred and off to new companions. Time is flying by.

     We had some great teaching moments and hopefully we will see some decisions made soon. One of our investigators said something really neat. Her name is Lane and she said "It is so funny because my whole life people have told me I am wrong but you two have only ever taught me what I personally believe" When we heard that it became a lot of fun to teach the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. It went well and it is looking good.

     We had exchanges on Saturday and I was able to spend a day out in second wards area. I technically served there for my first transfer out here in canon so it was fun to be there. I saw some nice people and I got us thrown out of a woman's home, it happens, she wasn't progressing, go Missionary Purpose!

     Church was so nice, the speakers were fantastic and then the sister missionaries sang a musical number in Samoan, that was a real treat and brought in the spirit so well. The sisters have beautiful voices and not only them but Elder Liptrott was asked to sing too. He sang a Child's prayer and other then it being one of my favorite songs, it was great to see everyone go nice and quite to hear his rendition (Fun fact, he helped me spell that word too! All around a great guy)

     Hope that everyone has a great week. I love you all so much and am here for any services I can offer. Know that God knows you personal, He loves you more then you know, He is ready to help you and answer any question you have, just seek Him out, and you will find Him

With Love,
Elder Wyatt

Someone caught this sweet photo of us studying at Subway :)

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